Former players - where are they now?

Sam Mantom played 90 minutes for Rushall this afternoon in a 0-3 defeat to Coalville Town. Didn’t influence the game too much as The Pics were second best pretty much all game.

Rushall have always been my second team and i played for them for a while but the so called loyal Walsall fans who buggered off to support them and laugh when Walsall lose has pissed me off and found me not wanting them to do as well as i did before.


You watch them come crawling back if we carry on like we are this season :wink:


James Mckeown now playing for the mighty Finn Harps, and incredibly managed to keep a clean-sheet last weekend :no_mouth:

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Rushworth in the league one team of the week for Lincoln.

That boy is going to be a star, one day, isn’t he?

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Rory Holden starts for Port Fail in their EFL Cup match at home to Rotherham Utd. Mal Benning on the bench.

Fail 0-1 down after 8 minutes :wink:

Yes, the BBC has him as a striker!

Roberts playing for Middlesbrough too.

Mal Benning scored for Vale.

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Benning came on as a sub in the 70th minute. One minute before that Holden had been subbed.

(That’s Fail’s only shot on target - after 85 minutes!!!)

Surprised he didn’t get another league club and stayed at Grimsby so long.

Also in the same year at school as me. :grin:

A nice error from Robbo this evening

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Andy Cook doing inspirational videos highlighting the dangers of doing drugs. What a model professional


:joy: he’s an absolute bell end but scores goals

What a cretin, wont be so cocky when Monthe Clarke and Daniels come to play.

What an absolute weapon!

“If you could just step into this cubicle, please sir, and provide us with a urine sample in this container…”

Prize Prat always has been always will be.He won’t get a sniff against us. I’m sure Peter Clarke will let him out of his back pocket for a drink at half time then pop him back in.

“I know a lot about Ellis because I made him, no disrespect to him, but Ellis would tell you that himself,” Clarke said.

Never change Darrell, never change :joy:


I never knew Ellis was Darrell’s son :open_mouth:

I also wouldn’t say a striker who has only scored double finger once in professional football has really “made it”…

Should have done one of the dangers of overdoing it on pastry :laughing: