Former Saddler turned pizza delivery guy?



Feel proper sorry for the lad, had a really promising career ■■■■■■ up by twists of fate.


The lad is due a slice of luck


Suppose he had to deliver pizzas whilst without a club for a bit of dough


Saddening tale for someone who once appeared destined for a role among football’s upper crust.


With so many players released at the end of each season, it can have a Domino’s effect…


Never fit enough to be a four seasons player.


Stop it. It’s getting very cheesy in here. (With a hint of pepperoni). Sorry… needed a pizza the action.


Disappointing as I always calzoned him a hot pocket.


Only a weirdough would sign him given his injury record.


He always impressed me with his ability to pasta ball.


To overcome his injury problems, Flo kneads a consistent run in the team


The whole story seems a bit half baked to me.


He was only topping up his earnings…


I think at times Flo flattered to deceived. There’s mushroom for improvement.

(Forgive me I’ve been stuck on a train for 3.5 hours)


Apparently he has a recurring knead injury…


This story surely mozzarella be true and not another stonebaked tale.


I like Pizza


The story has been blown out of all proportion. His Papa, John, was only doing him a favour until he got back on his bike (or scooter)


Falling down the football pecking order is not unusual??
I think they call it the Domino effect??