Forward line terrible again very poor

Is this the UTS crossword or the shipping forecast?


Doesn’t help they’re completely isolated in this 532. Should get rid of the anchor man in midfield and put him forwards to support the attack in the hole. I get the idea of playing a deeper midfielder ahead of two pressing central midfielders in Sinclar and Kinsella to push forwards and win second balls, but once the ball gets up front they have no options other than to recycle backwards or go wide for a hopeful lump into the box. We’re currently basically hoping to win the second ball and suddenly score from it through a mistake or through one of our forwards taking on their entire defence and the goalkeeper in a 5 vs 2.

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Not sure they are all that islolated both had plenty of the ball, it’s what they did with it was the problem.


DC sums it up well in his interview! We hold the ball up well just going forward we look scared and very lack luster, but jesus boy we had chances today, Josh should of tested the keeper at least 4 times espcially with that 1v1 on defender, i see improvements just dont quite think they all good the feels together yet, We are a league 2 team boys its never gunna be the most attractive football is it, but for the new rebuild of the team and club its all going well, stop moaning and finding some many negatives and carry on backing the lads and in time it will come, Bout time we all believed and had faith because im dam sure its better than last season either way. The refs in our league our shocking, today was no change, what a poor ref and poor linesman, but still we cant blame them because we didnt make or take our own chances, ownwards and upwards people

That’s the point, we can lump it up to them or they might win the second ball but they are then isolated when they get the ball up front.

Been a middling start, only 3 games in though. For anyone who thinks Northampton are promotion favourites, they lost 2-1 at home today to managerless Macclesfield.

Salford also lost as did Plymouth.

Aside from Mansfield who are warming up now league looks wide open to challenge but simply don’t see enough goals in the squad to seriously challenge for top 3. Hopefully that will change in next two weeks.

As others have said if Gordon is to continue starting playing wide in a 4-3-3 formation would suit him much more as they’d be less pressure on him to score and his workrate would be more effective. He reminds me of Alex Nicholls tbh, wasn’t that great upfront but did a job out wide.

Pretty sure DC didn’t just play 3-5-2 at Bristol Rovers so you’d hope once he gets thing solid he’d be flexible enough to mix the formation up.

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Poor, Crewe knew how to press forward en mass, sometimes overwhelming our defence, we provided very little impact, their defence had our meagre attempts sown up easily.
We were too spread-eagled across the pitch, when we did get crosses in, there was no one there, end of.

We just dont seem to have enough width and quality from wing backs at times is awful. Norman tuesday night looked lazy at times and gets caught out position lots. Pring gives the ball away far too many times with poor decision making. Last week against forest green he tried to pass the ball through the player down the line. Tried the same pass 3 times I think it was and gave it them everytime. We are relying on them for the attacking width and with that quality we are gifting the opponents the ball at the completely wrong time when they are out of position. If your going to play that system you need players who can do that role

I agree 5-3-2 ain’t working - Norman and Pring don’t look like they have the quality to play wing back


Can we sign free’s anymore?

I think the 3 / 5 / 2 is working just howDC would want it to. Out of possession we have 8 defensively minded players who plug gaps and make us hard to beat.

He has opted for full backs as wing backs - rather than use wide midfielders.

He plays 3 functional CMs … no room for a Sawyers or a luxery link up man. Kinsella + Sinclair go box to box. Makes us hard to beat but means we’ll lack that something in the final 3rd.

I think this is all done in the mind of DC to stop us being soft touches who’ll get rolled over. I think ifwe can place our selves in the top 8-10
At XMas you may see us become a little more expansive.

Goalscorers :man_shrugging: it’s hit & miss. We’ve signed a 20 goal a season man who delivered goals (Cook) and struggled. We paid cash (Makris) and got no goals. We’ve signed lads with not so outstanding records (Rambo n Bradshaw) but got goals. I’m hoping DC can find a way to play to our forwards strengths and soon !