Free Coaches to Bolton

I believe that we have made around 100k from our Cup run this year with prize money and gate receipts. Why can’t Bonser lay on free coaches for the trip to Bolton, just as Stockport County did in the last round.
Coaches to Bolton from Walsall would cost around £500 per coach to hire for the day.
Surely our owner could stump up 5k for 10 free coaches. But wait a minute that would be a PR masterplan and Walsall don’t do positive PR


I’d much rather he spent it on a forward who can score.

They will do that in the next round!!!

We also don’t do anything for goodwill that costs us money.

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The tears are rolling down my face with uncontrollable laughter! Just had to check it wasn’t April 1st, Bonser provide FREE coach travel for his beloved fans!!! You would have more chance of collecting a bag of rocking horse poo!!! Bloody hell must go and get my sides stitched back as they’ve split open with all this raucous laughter!!

Logged in thinking this was an announcement. Good suggestion but laughable given the clubs animosity towards its customers.

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…and not even 1st April :smile:

Our club… valuing fans. Oh how I laughed.

I’ve been saying this for years , from my 25 years of following the club I’ve never known such a guesture.

Maybe Arriva could supply them.

Glad you enjoyed my touch of irony…I will have to try more often.

I interpreted you as saying it will always be the next round. Jam tomorrow.