Freehold intention to dispose

At yesterday’s wpm I raised the issue of the freehold , as I had heard that people acting on behalf of. Jeff bonser. Had. Notified. Walsall council. Of his intention to dispose of the freehold of Walsall fc

This was confirmed to be true by Steph gamble at yesterday’s meeting

The acv That is in place. In relation to the ground. Meant this notification had to be served. And certain criteria. In relation to acv has now been triggered.

I asked questions in relation to this. And other. Important. Issues in relation to this. , and. You will see responses given. In minutes when published.

Strange that. It took me to raise it. At wpm. And that. Such an important issue was not seen. As important by club to be related to fans.

I raised this. Issue with SLO prior to. Wpm last week and notified my intention to ask if what I had heard was true. At Monday’s wpm And had a response that I would be allowed to raise the issue. At wpm which I did.

Be very interesting to see how things develop from here on in


Where had you heard this?

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Does not matter where from Andy.I asked the question and it was answered so the information received was correct.

Many things. Get leaked. It’s just strange. That fans where not informed.

As said many times I’ll never. Be party to being privy to any info not made available to fellow fans

I will always relay to club what Ive heard and seek clarification. As to wether it be truth or fiction.

Club confirmed it to be truthful If it had been fiction i would have in turn relayed that info also

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This could be massively important.

Didn’t Pomlett claim to have a verbal agreement re the price of the freehold with JB, as long as that purchase occured within a certain timeframe (i.e 5 years)

…Or am I imagining that?

Yep it was something like that , my guess would be that JB knows LP can’t get the fee together so he’s moving on.

Is this just lip service or will stuff like a fixed price be announced/leaked to the press so interested parties know what they have to work towards? Or the usual cloak and dagger guessing game.

Could be huge/could be just the same state of play in April 2023. We’ll see.

Just a bit more on the ACV, so presumabley this is the point when we get to know what Bonser wants for it.

trust member Steve Davies said: “The ACV effectively acts as a safeguard, giving fans the chance to buy the ground should it become available.


LP has several times mentioned the purchase of the freehold in his videos with the general line that there is a plan in place, and things are progressing, but it was complicated and delicate so the club weren’t going to discuss details until and unless it was all sorted (I was thinking maybe a “Ta da! Guess who owns the freehold this morning?” type announcement rather than step by step updates).

If they’ve got to a stage where Bonser has to announce his intention to sell in accordance with the ACV conditions, that still doesn’t mean it’s then a done deal and they can announce it as such - and therefore perhaps why the club is still guarding their tongues?

The other possibility is that the plan has broken down and Bonser is planning to offload the freehold to a 3rd party (bit of hard sell with a sitting tenant on a long lease). Again things would still be up in the air for a ;long time yet so would you expect an official statement?

But which of those 2 scenarios (or maybe even something else) is it?


The club knew this was to become public knowledge.
Would it not have been a good idea to issue a statement saying something like " The club are currently engaged in negotiations to bring this to a satisfactory conclusion "


Back posting after a while but always read what everyone else is posting. I think a sitting tenant would be attractive to someone who is sitting on a bundle and is getting no interest from the bank.

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If someone where to pay say 6 million for the freehold i think it would only take around 12 years to recoup the initial investment?. A good investment in the long run.

We want the freehold reunited with the club Chunk

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Oh ye :grin:

Think Chunk is trying to convince himself into buying it himself for his pension fund Andy… :joy:


Pomcast incoming I reckon!

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Hi sorry I’m rubbish at this kind of stuff. What does this actually mean ? Sorry for being stupid :frowning:

Not worth that much mate. Whilst it’s home to a football club.

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Andy has put me off now, there’s no profit in it :grin:

£500k rent per year would be a yield of just over 7% on an asset value of £7m which is a pretty decent return with a sitting tenant.

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