Fryatt Hotel Watch - 2021 Summer Transfer Rumours

I was lurking on here at the time and I remember someone making a massive play this was all that was wrong with Walsall/Bonser etc that he’d been picked up by a premier league club. Think Blackpool released him a few months later and he wasn’t seen again in English football.

He had talent, just little guidance and off field issues so similar case to Ravel Morrison.

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I guess Ishmel is playing for a pub side or in prison. He was last recorded playing for the former Thurrock F.C.(now defunct), seven years ago.

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What exactly did go on at Coventry? Apart from is being very shit?

Still younger than some other players we have at the moment.


Agree mate, had a couple of decent games in a third division team then disappeared off the face of the earth. Never understood the hyperbole.

Cudda, Wudda, Shudda and all that shit.

I think he was just very shit :rofl:

I remember that midweek game at the Withdean when Ishy smoshed one in from 30 yards.

I had this somewhat hard as nails girlfriend from Wallsend at the time, couple of convictions for ram-raiding cash machines when she was young and daft…nothing too serious, although one did involve a stolen JCB.

Anyway, I was working in the building trade at the time and she used to come with me…and work…on site!. So we coincided a job in Brighton with the game.

Midway point in the first half and someone literally cleared the (open air) stand with a fart from the pits of hell that would have put the Street End on Boxing Day to shame. I went off it, “someone needs raking out” etc etc and loads of other stuff your not allowed to say on here. When I turned round to sit down, there she was laughing her head off… :mask:

She’d had sausage and chips in The Evening Star earlier that evening, moaning her traditional northern head off at the “green bits” in the southerner’s sausages.


You’ve shattered a legend with that story Dave. Not your girlfriend farting (I was sat with you so remember it well :face_vomiting:) but it was a Tuesday night and I was under the illusion that you had both come all the way down to Brighton from Whitley Bay just for the game. I’ve been so impressed at your dedication over all these years and now you tell me you were down there anyway! :laughing:

Gone at this I am. ‘Nothing too serious’ :rofl::rofl:



Dean Smith indicated there were 2 or 3 things that happened (off the field) which contributed towards such a terrible performance? Always wondered what they were.

Perhaps the prematch meal for the players was in the Evening Star ?

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He liked a drink by the sounds of things.

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Always out on a Saturday night :sweat_smile:

Possibly nothing to do with it, but his dad was a big drinker too.

I always tried to organise work around Walsall games for years :crazy_face:.

I once wrote this staff training manual for a company I worked for that had branches all over the country. It was then my job to go out and train the staff -worked out a treat, the Graydon/Lee season. There was one day though I was supposed to go down to a branch in central London, which was the day of the Charlton cup game. My train got held up so I just went to the game and came home, rang them up about 12 o clock to say I’d had to turn back due to train failure. Happy days.

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:rofl: quality it’s all about the delivery mate.

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Just read that Pitman could be leaving Swindon. I wonder?

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Looking a bit messy - Swindon have invoked the extra 12 month option in his contract, but (like all their other players) he hasn’t been paid for a couple of months and hasn’t reported back for pre-season.

Looking like Swindon are going to be this season’s Southend, struggling to put a team together. Just our luck that we aren’t down to play them until just before the halfway point when they might have got their :poop: together a bit.

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Oh didn’t realise that, would be a decent pick up though

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Surely bound for Hednesford