Gamble gone

Leaving as a director to work for trivela as vp finance

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Is that the last of the Bonsor babes now gone?

Good move imo. He can concentrate on the financial side which I’ve never questioned.


Whalley still knocking about

Pretty much - looks like Trivela are draining the swamp. Hopefully now we can bring in a CEO who can develop the footballing infrastructure


He’ll still have a big say in how the club is run.

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Think he’s only in the background of the business side of the advertising sign. Not anything football related now.

Gamble being promoted upwards within Trivela possibly explains why he was at the Drogheda meeting instead of Pomlett.

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Needs promoting to Trivela’s personal Bog Cleaner, or somethong along those lines.


Pomlett still knocking about too

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:joy::joy: yeah

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Amazing news!!!

Parallel universe confirmed


This is a really smart move. A job now opens up for someone with more footballing background, hopefully someone who has experience at improving a club, all while we don’t lose what Gamble is actually good at, the financial side.


Very surprising to me but well done Stef and thanks for the work you did especially on restoring the freehold to the club. A new CEO will be good for us too. New ideas and perhaps new drive and determination. With the other new staff already here it means we will have had a complete change at the top of the paid workforce.


I think his promotion shows how impressed Trivela have been with him since they bought the club. Wishing him every success in his new role.


Lets get Mole back

Think I saw somewhere that he wanted a break, but he’d be a great appointment if we could tempt him. The experience at making a football club better that we need.


Those who welcome his leaving Walsall are crazy in my opinion. One of the most effective financial wizards in Football. Obviously recognised as such by Trivella. Congratulations to him on a much higher position. I doubt very much if his successor will be anywhere near as capable as him.


Feels like good news for all.

For me, Gamble was always damned by association rather than anything he’d done around financially steering the good ship WFC in line with the club’s objectives.

I hope this his good news for him personally and I guess it opens up a new world for him which is probably a good shot in the arm.

For us, there are three more things to sort out. Ever since Jock Ewing split Ewing Oil between Bobby and JR it has been obvious that organisations can’t have two bosses. All this co-chairmanship stuff needs to stop. Walsall FC requires a full time, singular and present Chairman.

Our SLO should be fan elected. Not to say it shouldn’t be Graham but our voice around the table needs to be our voice around the table and not the table’s voice to us.

And finally, the board should have a football expert sat on it. Fullerton was right role wrong person which shouldn’t put us off. If rumours of O’Kelly still knocking around the place are true then I couldn’t think of anyone more suitable.


Looks like promotion to me for someone they admire based on the work he’s been doing.