Gary Waddock

Appointed as assistant head coach


a very experienced coach, had a lot of success too. This is a good appointment.


I’m impressed with that even if it did take a ridiculously long time to put in place. He worked with Cambridge United who played some excellent stuff in this league the year they were promoted.

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Never heard of him so I can’t celebrate or moan
Vastly experienced and successful where he has been though
No idea how coaching style , his contacts or how he likes to play

I know the lack of communication so far this summer has been slow, but the signings we’ve made and now this appointment makes it all worth the wait.

Feels like the club are going for quality over quantity and it’s great to see.


Almost like they’re doing things differently to before isn’t it….



Hmm I’d say one of them. Jury very much out on Stirk and Hussey for me.

Impressed with this, and very impressed with Farq though.

Let’s wait till we see them play. Quantity was the only thing that got us through last season with the injuries, it would be nice to have quality and squad cover for every position.


Did he play for QPR

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This seems good but there is a massive way to go before we have anything like a top 10 team. As you put in a post at least 6 good forward players / wingers. Not useless shite like Douglas James Taylor. This is the big test

Very impressive CV with 17 years experience. We as football fans aren’t always the most patient, and sometimes justifiably so. However, our recruitment this summer so far can’t be faulted. Credit where credit’s due, well done to BB and club for sticking to their plan.


Excellent appointment.

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Played in the 1982 F A Cup Final, both games, played a few years for them, and Luton as well.

Seems like a good appointment to be fair.

How have they announced it at 10am though? The yanks are asleep as they are 6 hours behind… :wink:


I mean this is madness. It seems that not only was Sadler involved in the “extensive” interview process but also had input and wanted to work with Waddock.

Whatever next


Another one sorted.
Looking forward to more news from what will be a busy few days at The Bezzla

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Good appointment, happy with this.


A superb appointment by the club. Also fits in with their ethos because if sadler isn’t working out for any reason or does so well that another club comes in for him, we have a ready made interim boss with vast experience, so there would be continuity.


Probably went to a bar last night and after a few shots of Jack things got wild and then hey presto we have an assistant.



Exceedingly pleased.

Becoming hopeful of a decent campaign.

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