Get the lot out

Get the lot out awfull

Keates OUT, Defence OUT


No excuses we are a joke pay peanuts you get monkeys

Drop liam roberts. Hes cost too many goals

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And as if on cue we get another pointless thread.
I will say one thing for you lot, you are consistent.

Keates was always going to need some experienced support/director of football

The jump up in the leagues and lack of management experience was all too clear

Someone needs to be appointed to work with him before he is allowed to make any more signings.

He also needs some media training as he is seen as someone who talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk and anyone can do that we had it with Witney but at least Witney was doing better at this stage of the season


Where is the option to have you “OUT” ?
Because personally I think you should be outed.


You are so sad you lot another hard luck story he will get it right joke

That’s fine, I won’t argue because we as individuals have differences of opinion. Your opinion is just as valid as mine.

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Keates has gone from managing experienced ex pros in a lower league to kids 2 divisions higher. He needs more time and more help from the club. Calls for his head are ridiculous!

Mate, his opinion ain’t worth ■■■■.

Has much as the blame will be targeted at the manager and players etc ,the main blame should be amid at bonser and his puppets higher up ,they are the ones that make the choices,usually who’s the cheapest ,pick the budget ,control the spending ,till we get rid of that parasite this is how it will alway be.


I can accept Keates struggling until next season with thus defence if it were not for the case that he constantly calls the players out and threatening their long term future at the club but then does nothing when the same ■■■■ continues to happen the following week.

However Keates has to be applauded for bringing in Jarvis, could actually be our saving grace.

Calmed down abit now so Keates IN Defence can still ■■■■ OFF

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