Gillingham (A) 19th January, 3pm


Reminded me of a book
I recently read. Roy mcdonough’s book “red card roy” and he writes about the time he was playing against us some years after leaving, some little fat ginger bloke shouted something to him while he was near the corner flag, so he told him to ■■■■ off, later in the changing room after the game, he was arrested because the bloke who had had a go at him, reported him for swearing!!! he spent a few hours in green lane cells :rofl:


Hypocrisy stinks on this site.

Most people all season have been saying how ■■■■ our full backs have been but now because of one game and an instagram picture its not the full backs fault but the way they have been asked to play. Uttter bullshine.

They are full backs who cannot defend regardless if they have been asked to play narrow or wide.

End of season get rid, get them off our wage bill and bring in players who can do their job properly.


Not everyone has been saying how ■■■■ devlin and leahy are​:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Fixed that for you …


Idiocy stinks on this site.

Some people see one goal against and immediately presume it’s the defenders fault.

Football just isn’t that simple a game. Stop scapegoating!


Nope, most people have been saying they are our players so get behind them, and while not perfect, aren’t the basket-cases a minority of rather volatile posters have been relentlessly insisting. I think everyone accepts that they have good elements to their game.

It’s also not hypocrisy unless you lurch dramatically from one position to another, which I don’t think anyone has.


And we all know who is the main instigator in it.


What a load of ■■■■■■■■. Just look at the threads. Every time Neuromatic or neurotic or whatever his name is comes on he has a go at the fullbacks and he is shot down and contradicted .


Of course he is because what he says is not correct. Other than one or two on here the people I talk to at games recognise their strengths as well as the alleged weaknesses.


Not to take away anything from the performance, but how woeful were the Gillingham defenders?


Who will respond shortly asking why we all think Leahy is the ‘world’s greatest defender’ …



Leahy is class , solid defender.


If you’ve been saying that they haven’t been that all season is it ok?