Gillingham (A) 19th January, 3pm


It normally does my head in when the puns start to take over a thread, but i think i have started this one :joy::see_no_evil:


Your Mekong a mockery of this thread again.


Jarvis should be up for this against the club he made a real impact at and then joined the dingles.


He should be up for every game on £30k a week :joy::joy:


Although Norman’s put Phnom Penh to paper, we still Seam Riep for another defeat.


Strange team from Keates. Norman in at right back. Devlin right mid. Leahy retains his place.

Osbourne for God knows what reason, stays in the team and Kinsella stays on the bench.



Norman in at right back…Devlin right midfield. Gordon up front with Cook. No Kinsella or Dobson in midfield!!! Ferrier injured.


Devlin at CB… God help us!


Playing right mid according to Masi. But imagine if we are playing 5 at the back Norman would be the centre half considering he has played there.


Unbelievable keates has left the man who does all the running for the team kinnsella on the bench . And no Dobson either WHY !!!


No striker on the bench I notice…DK must think Candlin isn’t ready or good enough.


Oh, didn’t see Gutherie in. Why start Devlin at RM surely Ismail or Morris would be a better option?


Are they ???


To be fair I think Devlin has been better going forward then either of those two in recent weeks. Although I think if I was going to push one of the full backs into midfield it would be Leahy not Devlin.

The one I really don’t get is Osbourne though. I literally cannot see why he’s in the team over Kinsella for any reason.


He’s not, it’s just they put down the names in order of shirt number.

Devlin at RM as I thought. DK did that end of last season and the team stopped leaking goals so would imagine that’s his thinking.


That’s it then, nicely set up for a 0-0 draw, very very defensive.

Agree with Dobson- he is gash and runs like hes had a vindaloo night before

Strange no Kinsella though


To be fair on that Devlin has more assists than anyone this season as well as 2 great goals however the omission of Kinsella and Dobson is odd…perhaps they are been saved for Plymouth on Tuesday as Osbourne and possibly Edwards might find it hard to play so soon after today.


Would settle for 0-0 no issue. Even another draw then at Plymouth and slowly the inevitable slide into the bottom 4 is halted.

Home games v Wimbledon and Rochdale are simply massive.

Tom Eaves on the bench for Gillingham btw. Don’t really know many of their starting players.


I expected Devlin to play RM and Norman to slot in. I get why Leahy’s in as Laird hasn’t played much football. What surprises me most are the 2 CMs.

I’m actually really happy Devlin is playing RM. he’ll offer better protection than Ismail and I think he offers more going forward too. What has Dobbo and Kinsella done to Keates?