Goal of the decade

Time to remember a time when we’ve put the ball in the net…

I have two contenders;

Jamie Paterson v Coventry (4-0) in 12/13 the highlights don’t show it, but we passed the ball about 20 times before the goal;

Bradshaw vs Donny - Either of them, they both beautiful…

Any contenders…?


Will Grigg’s volley against Scunny

It was in the top 100 Goals of the year.Can’t remember any of our other strikes being included in that list. I remember it because it was really out of character at the time for him too

I’d have any of those players and those days back right now my god what’s happened :weary:


Remember kids, this isn’t as long ago as you think.
When we were a side near the top of the third division:

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Few contenders here from some Turkish lad that wouldn’t get into our current squad…


His favorite one of mine - its from about 4 yards against Oldham, the composure he showed was ridiculous.

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That was a great goal. Really underrated because it’s from so close but he completely outwits the keeper and it’s great composure in the last minute to win the game.

Composure I don’t think any of our strikers, never mind a midfielder, could manage at the moment.

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Mantom and Fordes here are contenders.


If only we had the same to look forward to now.

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Meanwhile Crawley get softened up by Elijah before a real marksman arrives:

Loved that game, pity we didn’t go up.

Jordan Cook v Barnsley was a beaut.

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One of my favourite days that was the 3rd and 5th we’re fantastic strikes I was right behind the 5th knew it was in the moment it left his foot can’t see that many fans being there this time round such a shame.

Kinsella vs Gillingham in 2015/16, great finish and a cracking game, if someone could dig that one out.

Sawyers goals against Blackpool were sublime. Was it against them he did that lovely corner too?

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Think that was away at Donny. The one were he dropped his shoulder and left the defender staring up his own arse?

I was thinking of that one earlier. Fantastic piece of skill.



Always remember this one fondly.


Cook on the half volley from the corner against Barnsley (Strange club)

What a hit

Forde against the Vale - Screamer

Makes me all nostalgic…

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Those are the two that spring to mind for me. Also the Sawyers strike against Blackpool

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