Goal of the Season

Vote for your goal of the season

1 Ross Tierney v Blackburn

2 Isaac Hutchinson v Colchester

3 Tom Knowles v Sheppey

4 Oisin McEntee v Notts County

5 Isaac Hutchinson v Wrexham

6 DJT v Grimsby

7 Donervan Daniels v Sutton

8 Taylor Allen v Colchester

9 Brandon Comley v Tranmere

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Number 4 for me. So important. Probably kept Sadler in his job.

Daniels all day long.

Special mention to Hutch Vs Colchester.


Number 6 for me, brilliant run and fabulous finish, closely followed by Hutch v Wrexham, you could have put 2 keepers in and they still wouldn’t have saved it.

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Not sure which one of Knowles 4 goals to vote for.


Nos 4,6 and 7 very close for me but I will go for No 6.

The angle on the video doesn’t do it justice, but I like Hutchinson’s v Colchester. Match winner too.

Thought Jack Earrings goal against Wrexham would be there. Lovely give and go.


Is someone from the Knowles family in charge of editing duties? Just the multiple (every possible angle) replays suggests a slight bias. :wink:

Donervan Daniels for me although Oisin’s goal at Meadow Lane felt like the biggest “punch the air” moment as a fan.

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The worst piece of editing ever witnessed for a goal of season!!

Why wouldn’t you just show the main camera angle for all goals?

Hutch v Colchester gets no credit cos you have no idea how far out it was and the Wrexham one you don’t even see the ball enter the net!

Meanwhile we see 4 versions of Knowles goal against a pub team and McEntee looks favourite when it didn’t even win goal of the month :rofl::rofl:

It’s hutch v Colchester for me. Probably the cleanest strike of a football I’ve seen at the Bescot and the fact it gave us a 1-0 win when we really needed it nails it for me.


Exactly my thinking. Although DJT has hardly set the world alight this season, it was a goal out of nothing when we were 1-0 down. Then 4, with a good move and fantastic finish, very closely followed by 7. I would have given it to DD but he was just a bit stretching at the end to make me believe he had the shot under control.


DD no. 7. Great team move.

Strange. Not sure why the two Hutch goals aren’t shown from the most flattering angle available.
I’d probably choose Daniels, then Hutch against Colchester.
I liked the Earing goal against Wrexham a lot.


Great strike but made possible by good teamwork, movement and passing all involving Daniels.

Yes, it was a lovely goal and I recall purring to Everton Andy about what a good goal it was and if Brazil had scored it we’d be talking about it for years. Perhaps they didn’t want two goals from the same fixture and Hutchinson’s individual excellence from a simply sublime free kick which was worth the admission fee alone trumped it.


This is why he’s captain fantastic.

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Number 6.
Such a shame DJT has been underused and not played out wide. One of our few match winners.


Daniel’s for me .

The ratio of trolls to genuine posters is growing all the time. Some are good at it, some not so much.


Hutch vs Colchester then Daniels second.

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