Good news or bad


Bristol Rovers getting tonked by Donny tonight



Good for now. Not good for Saturday!



I would say that on balance it is good.

Saturday represents the final game of our run against top sides.

It looks like we will meet the expectation of losing all four. But the good news is that having done so, we will still be in touch with a large clump of clubs who look catchable - including Bristol Rovers.

Where I don’t trust our team/manager is its ability to win three and draw a game or two of the remaining games.

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For me the following 4 fixtures are potentially as tricky as the previous 4. Yes the opposition is iof a lower quality but they are all fighting for their lives.

It’s a cruel looking fixture list.



Looking at Bristol Rovers form since the new year it hasn’t been bad at all and so I no longer considered them relegation rivals really. More concerned that Doncaster will now go into it full of confidence.



Seems it will be like lambs to the slaughter, if they can get 2 in the first few minutes against Brizzle might be worth a punt at the bookies for them to do likewise against us perhaps?
So sad that we are all thinking like this, however relegation form is a reality that tends to negate the wish for better things.

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Hopefully they will now become over confident and underestimate us.

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