Green car park

I contacted the slo before the pandemic about improving the pathway from the green car park along the side of the artifical pitch, to the back of the family stand as it was uneven and full of potholes. After several emails I have now been informed that as that area was never intended to be a pathway, it is now going to be fenced off as it is considered dangerous.
I am disappointed in this outcome as it means a detour to the to the other side of the car park and through the back of the Homeserve stand increasing the foot traffic through there.
It would have been great if instead of fencing it off, they could have created a proper access pathway.

That’s a real blow as I generally drive out that way to avoid the endless queues! Our stadium has really poor egress I think for those who must drive to games.

They don’t help themselves, do they?
We’re trying to encourage fans, not alienate them!!

It’s as though Whalley never left :joy:

Reminds me of when they fenced off the cut through to the retail park.

In this instance though as it’s the clubs land, or at least we rent it, that they resurface it.
As you say it would ease congestion in several areas rather than increasing it.


I have severe arthritis in my foot (under a consultant at the Manor) and when it is really bad, particularly through the winter, that detour will seem miles to me.

Do you know now someone has blocked off the entrance to the retail park in Broadway West. You now have to walk down to the entrance by the traffic lights.
Is it all some conspiracy to keep us away ?

In hindsight perhaps it would have been best to have not brought it to their attention that it was uneven and full of potholes, unless the closure was planned anyway and if so its made no difference.

Just saying.

PS - sorry about your foot.

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Yes, I agree, I wish I hadn’t mentioned it. I didn’t realise it wasn’t officially a path. Sorry to everyone who goes that way too, I’ve inconvenienced us all.

Cats, you don’t have to apologise for the club’s indifference and inadequacies in dealing with supporters’ concerns. If it was never intended to be a pathway, surely it should have been fenced off in 1990, not 31 years later. That’s negligence on the club’s part.


I’ve just looked back through my emails and I had initially mentioned the poor lighting along there, together with potholes etc making it tricky during the dark nights and I had an email back saying the lighting was going to be improved. I was then told they would be done before the next match (Feb 2020, obviously pre pandemic). Then last week I was told the lighting had been done and they would look at potholes etc but then I had an email to say it was a mistake and lighting hadn’t been done and the decision has been made to fence it off as it was dangerous and never meant to be a pathway. Perhaps the costs have proved too much to turn it into a proper pathway.

Sounds like it

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They have altered it again, green car park now apparently is cashless.


Just got here, ordered my pass for green car park online but not received pass yet. Just showed my receipt on my phone and waved through no problem and told they have passes now so if not already in post can collect it before/after the game.