3 million rising to 4 million according to sky sports.have they lost there mind ? silly money for a league one striker and lets be honest that is what he is never cuts it at championship level be back in league one within a year at another club if sunderland go up.


Probably they have Netflix money, so they can spend more. Maybe someone panicked a bit, when saw the table.


Where did you see this? I only found 1.25 million, still too much in my opinion. As you say, brilliant league 1 player, struggles a bit at higher levels.


Thing is they can afford it and as long as it works and takes them up they can afford to take a loss on him next season if he failed in the championship (again).


The panic up here was hilarious. Yesterday alone they had 6 bids for different strikers turned down, and have now spent decent money on a player who’s injured, exactly what they did with Charlie Wyke in the summer. I know he’s black and white, but I was expecting them to come in for Cookie at some stage. In fact I’m amazed Jeff didn’t ring them at half past ten when the Ferrier transfer fell through.


Indeed. The benefits of promotion far outweigh the fee paid, even if they let him go on a free later.


Didn’t we have any sell on clauses ?


Not for his 15th move :smiley:


Knowing spongebob bonzo i thought he would have :wink:


Always wondered what the stance is on sell on clause, if a sell on is agreed a subsequent move do we get a percentage of the sell on received?


For a decent div 3 / below average Championship player, he must have made some good money from signing on fees / promotion bonuses etc over the years.


I think he just doesn’t want to disclose :rofl: