Guess the ground?

Looked out the window where im working and noticed the floodlights.

Can anyone guess the ground?

Where are you working ? :grin:


Opposite this ground :joy:


Exeter? those houses look a bit close

Nope. clue its in the midlands

Dudley town?

Gotta be Stourbridge?

Correct :+1:t2:

Trying to watch game but can only see 30% of the pitch. Oh well best get back to work

The stand gave it away for me

Name these grounds.
Got 20/20 in 4:53.

20/20 - 3:02

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Well done. You can obviously type with more than one finger. :point_down: :grinning:

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Is this a joke? 0/5 until I gave up when I offered Anfield and got it wrong! In fairness it is the BBC.

Its the team name, not the ground name required.

Oh :smiley: I think the clue must have been in, β€˜Can you name the clubs who play at these grounds!’

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