With Kiersey coming in at centre midfield and Bates not quite ready for regular first team action, I wonder whether Clarke is looking at another centre midfielder before the window closes. I hope that we can get Guthrie fit but I fear that he may be another Cuvelier / Zeli…

If I see correctly, he hasn’t played since last November or December. It will take time, till he will be fit to play more regularly. Injury, if it was one, won’t help.


Kiersey didn’t do too much wrong today but looked quite raw. He played deeper than kinsella and Sinclair who both played very similar roles. We need someone with creativity and passing in the middle as none off those really did it today.


What about Callum O’Hare on loan? Surely, Deano could help us out and we could give him some experience against league two opposition…

Was briliant at Carlisle last season. He’s available certainly.

He’d have played alongside Liddle then? Hopefully, Clarke can pick up the phone. I love the new gaffer: he is very direct, honest and blunt. My only fear is that he seems a bit stubborn. As a Taurean myself, I should know that it can cause problems if you are too stubborn. I hope that our links with Midlands clubs like West Brom, Villa and even Wolves are utilised because they should have some good youngsters who are nowhere near upper Championship or Premier League level but could still do a really good job at League Two level.

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Carlisle fans loved him. Guess he’ll probably go on loan to league 1.

No, he wasn’t injured. His season in Indonesia ended in December. Later he probably returned to England.

Think this was always going to happen. Guthrie not play in England for couple of years and those who went to pre season games said he looked well short of fitness.

Will be good when he’s fit again though. Let’s hope it’s soon.

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I don’t think fitness is that big issue. It is rather easy to rebuild player physically, but harder is to convince him, to give nearly 100%. If I was a manager, I’d ask myself, it is worth it, or not. Especially after I’ve read this interview and these words remained