Half TimeBoycott

Couple or five more transfer windows required! I was at Old Trafford on Boxing Day, I don’t know what the crowd was, probably about just 70,000 or so I would imagine. I was stood at the end of the bar watching the scores quite happily minding my own business and could hear someone shouting at me, so I looked round thinking it was someone I knew, and it was a member of staff behind the bar some 10 feet away shouting If I wanted serving, I actually didn’t, but ended up buying another drink…half bottle of Heineken for a whopping £5, because just then Alfie Bates goal came up on the scores!!

We all wait with baited breath mate…:grinning:

Won’t be with beer breath the bloke couldn’t get his pint :rofl:

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We were there with plenty of time only to find the queue for the bar down past the tables , this is way past a joke now , and surely they can see how much money they are letting slip through their fingers .

I know if we’d won today people wouldn’t come on here , like myself and moan about the bar , the kiosks , etc etc so much, but ■■■■ me this has been going on and on , and it’s NOT getting better as some people have said the last few games , it’s just people are giving up on waiting around to get served .

Another thing , I know it’s been mentioned before about plastic glasses , but I asked the woman who served me when I finally got to the bar what the reason for the plastic glasses change was , as I tried to explain ( don’t know if it’s just me but the drinks don’t taste the same , and are crap to hold ) and she replied " well it’s match day , they’ve always used them on match day … haven’t they ? " NO THEY HAVEN’T

Yes , I hadn’t seen her before so obviously new , but she couldn’t get the till to work , and took longer to sort my change than pour the ■■■■■■■ drinks !!

I’m not well pleased , and told my mates I’d be slagging the match day experience off , really for the very first time , but I was thoroughly ■■■■■■ off today with the service as it’s so annoying that they can’t see how many people are getting totally ■■■■■■ off with the service they are giving us the paying customer .

Again as I suggested before on one of the threads , the food concourse inbetween the suite and the toilets had next to no one in there , why the ■■■■ don’t they put some beer pulls , or bottled beers for sale and utilise the empty space , it’s not rocket science surely .

I don’t want to say that the drinks and food kiosks are what I go for , because it’s not , but some people have food , be it from the kiosks or the suite every game , and get drinks , but for me it’s the football with the odd drink , but when you want a pint before the game and you end up ■■■■■■ off before the kick off is it any wonder people either don’t go , or just moan about the club , or generate a ■■■■■■ off atmosphere inside the stadium before we’ve even kicked off

■■■■■■■ sort it out .

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No you don’t but they are there to supply fans with refreshments nevertheless so should be managed to a decent standard isn’t the club renowned for putting on a good facility for weddings business meetings etc so why can’t this be transferred to the match day experience your totally correct about the situation it’s bad and you have every right to be ■■■■■■ off my friend.


I presume we being the low life are only trusted with plastic glasses rather than glass , because they don’t have to waste time washing them up after us , they can just throw them away , and let the important evening entertainments paying customers us the nice glasses

This needs addressing by LP and his new catering manager or it’s very quickly going to be looking the same as when Mr Leech was running the show

Haven’t bothered with it for about 3 months myself because it’s an absolute joke and sounds like it hasn’t improved I’d rather spend my money elsewhere and get decent customer service and a decent pint that doesn’t give you brain freeze.


If I was Mr Banks’s (being a major sponsor ffs), I would be royally ■■■■■■ off by why more of my product wasn’t being shifted.

Those plastic glasses aren’t very eco-friendly. Most companies have a ‘green’ policy. Anyone seen what WFC policy is?

Why not make it bottle only for half time orders? No need to pour but just leave the bottle with the requisite glass and complementary bottle openers. A lovely fresh beer without the need of bar staff messing it up. If they persist with plastic cups then place two large receptacles (one for bottles, one for cups) and we could clear up after ourselves.

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been boycotting it for 3 months already absolute joke and refuse to use it.

Don’t post much, but this resonated with me after today.

Pre-game, queues in the upper tier were so bad, we managed one round of drinks, where three or four would have been the norm. Around 40 quid lost by the club.

Went down to our seats in the Community Stand (don’t normally sit there, but my nephew was doing the flag waving thing). Steward told us there was a bar in that stand (there wasn’t!). Half time, went to get a round of coffees, pies, hot dogs etc… Queues were insane. Returned 10 minutes after half time, queues were just as bad. Abandoned the idea altogether! Around 30 quid lost by the club.

After the game, took my son and nephew to the club shop, both with Christmas money burning holes in their respective pockets and both wanting to splurge on tracksuits and stationery for school (we didn’t get chance to go before the game because of the flag waving thing). Arrived at the shop. Shop closed! Around 120 lost by the club, since we don’t live locally and won’t get chance to get back before they’ve likely spent their money on something else.

Total lost by the club from one family, due to an inability to take money that we wanted to spend - circa £190!

I’m not sure I can think of many other situations or venues where you’d struggle to offload money like this. It’s madness!


Just finished 4 days at the MCG watching NZ lose to the dirty Aussies. Food and beer bang average but plenty of options and easy service.

First up, clear counters for service.

Second, a snake queue with those rope barriers so there’s an orderly line.

Third, staff at the front to hand you what you want. At the beer counter there were two ‘four at a time’ taps dispensing constantly for their top beers, to order for the rest.

Fourth, pay at separate till (queue in middle, two tills either side). Beer in plastic with logos on so staff know what to charge. Spirits all RTD at same price.

It worked well.

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Posts such as this want sending to the club so they see how absolutely inept they really are absolute disgrace.apologies if I’m ranting tonight just really annoyed at what I’m hearing


A case of the emporers new clothes when it comes to the service. Thought things had improved but think it was down to decreased attendances.

Pomlett, you keep going on about wanting 5k fans, well start convincing those who come during your shiny new ticket offers that you can cater for them in the first place.


I cannot believe we are still talking about this. What have we got to do?! We are told the club read this website, so they are obviously as poor at reading as they are operating a relatively simple organisation.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I will say it again; it will not change while 2 people are left in the very same important roles where we were failing before under the previous regime.

It. Will. Not. Change.


The fact we dont even see shoots of improvement says alot.

■■■■ facilties maybe , but we aren’t even trying to fix it.

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I mean, I agree with the state of the service but I’m not sure ‘kicking off’ with the manager is anything to be proud of. Even if stewards think you’re right regarding the topic, if you’re making staff feel unsafe its right that you’re ejected.

Regarding the service, all we can do as consumers is not spend money there and let the club know why. Ironically if we stop spending there it just makes the small-time set up justified!

On the positive side, think of the good its doing for our waistlines. Especially after christmas!

To be honest, in this day and age, they shouldn’t be using plastic glasses at all.


I’m sure there’s some of you out there that have the know how and can forward some of these complaints to both the club and our new supporters liaison officer , maybe someone behind the scenes at UTS maybe , to see if something can be improved, after all the club keep complaining about how low the team budget is year in year out, but then make no improvements on facilities where they are letting money slip through their fingers , it’s so frustrating

I wonder if the club feel the investment needed to upgrade the facilities is just too much at the moment although they would probably recoup the money in increased sales and customer satisfaction.