Half TimeBoycott

After the debacle Again at half time over pre paid drinks NOT being ready after having 45 mins to pull them off and the Manager saying they are going to stop this service after people rightly moaned that they wasn’t how about a half time boycott and not buy anything, then if nothings being took behind the bar in the way of takings then something may be done


All these issues are sorted aren’t they? I was lying when I pointed them out …


I was a bit surprised by the response to be honest.
Bar manager seemed to think offering half time preorders was a courtesy and if we moaned then they could just stop doing it.
Didn’t seem to be aware that we were ■■■■■■ off because it’s been done for several seasons and there hasn’t been this issue till now.
The guy above him seemed to have his head more screwed on and admitted they screwed up.

Stop moaning all these issues are sorted thanks to LP’s fresh broom… :+1::joy::joy:

No, these issues are sorted when there is a sub 4k crowd, as soon as it starts pushing over all the old problems arise.

Why is this - because the same two useless incompetents are running operations.


People that know me will know who I am on here I am the one who was shouting and and being told that I was being thrown out if I carried on and the stewards being bought to and I’m still fuming

Didn’t have one at half time but pre match they didn’t have a clue. They could double bar takings easily if they knew what they were doing. Supporters spend what they can rather than what they want to. You get your one pint then can’t be bothered to add a second or third, or are put off entirely and drink elsewhere.

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The Irish manager thought I was in the wrong and threatened me with being thrown out when everyone knows even the stewards know I was right ain’t rocket science pulling beer off when it’s pre paid and you know what the order is ffs

So that’s me finished buying anybody else care to join me

Bet not cos your all fickle

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I will go one better mate, i will not even turn up at the ground until i can see some REAL change since bonzo fucked off :grin::wink:


Around 4,500 home fans and once again we can’t cope with demand.

It’s embarrassing, especially in the same week where Pomlett has once again reaffirmed his ambition to regularly attract 5,000 supporters. It’s very simple, until they get their act together from an operational point of view, then it will never happen.

[email protected]
here’s the email address of the bloke who handles fans complaints,give him a try.

Do you think his voice will make any difference cos the manager ain’t for the fans mate

Well I wouldn’t dismiss him until you’ve tried contacting him,you never know he might surprise you.

I’ll give it a try mate and if nothing changes then the boycott will begin and louder believe me it will

Keep us informed as to how much interest he shows in yours and others predicaments,hopefully the least he will do is reply to your email.

Yes I agree keep us updated this will be interesting to see how this new fella deals with it and what influences he really has I’m guessing Jack.

Email duly sent sid

There is a reason this gets played pre-match


Let’s just face facts, the club are effing clueless amateurs from top to bottom.

If you’re going to convince us things will change Pomlett then you need to start soon.

Why anyone drinks/eats at the ground is beyond me when there are numerous places in town desperate to take your money in return for good service/reasonable prices.