Harrogate Town (A) 19th September, 3pm

"Noisy salt and sulphur at creation
Made the world’s taste perfect;
But here in my garden it is still."

Sidney Beck

Having started our League 2 season with a win (and a clean sheet) against Grimsby Town we have what looks like a much sterner test as we travel to face League newcomers Harrogate Town, who announced their presence with a thumping 0-4 win at Southend United in their opening fixture.

The Sulphurites (as they are known by some) have progressed from relative obscurity in recent years. Having been founder members of The Northern Counties East League in 1982, and founder members of the Northern Premier League in 1987, they did it again by being founder members of Conference North in 2004. A slice of luck kept them there in 2009-10 when they faced relegation, but the financial problems surrounding Northwich Victoria saw the Vics relegated instead. Further progress led to the play-offs earlier this year, and Harrogate saw off Notts County at Wembley by 3-1 to gain League 2 entry.

A couple of unusual items about The Sulphurites … firstly there is an important father & son influence in the managerial set-up, with Irving Weaver as Chairman and his son Simon Weaver as Manager. The influence of the Weaver family has reportedly been very significant in Harrogate’s recent progress. Secondly, we probably won’t be playing at Harrogate’s ground anyway - their synthetic pitch does not meet League standards, so until it is replaced their home games will be at Doncaster Rovers’ Keepmoat Stadium.

There is another chance to assess Harrogate’s abilities this midweek - they will be playing The Baggies on Wednesday (kick off 6pm) in the 2nd round of the League Cup.

The Sulphurites have had quite a busy pre-season…

21st August Middlesbrough U-23’s 0 Harrogate Town 2
25th August Brighouse 0 Harrogate Town 0
29th August Sunderland 1 Harrogate Town 0
5th September Tranmere Rovers 1 Harrogate Town 1 (Carabao Cup) Town win on penalties
8th September Grimsby Town 2 Harrogate Town 2 (EFL Trophy)

Prediction? Town are quite rightly riding on the crest of a wave at the moment, and it will need all the defensive strength at Darrell Clarke’s disposal to even think of a clean sheet. The reported injury to Callum Cockerill-Mollett should make little difference as long as Zak Jules can fulfil his pre-season promise (assuming that he gets picked, of course). I will be more than happy with a 0-0 scoreline from this game, bearing in mind that if you win at home and draw away you’ll very likely finish the season as champions…



They will be buoyed by their win at Southend (on top of last seasons promotion) but I think not playing them on their plastic pitch and it being their first game at the neutral venue of Belle Vue
(plus no fans) will be in our favour as it takes at least part of their edge away.

If we keep up what we have done in each of the 3 games so far (2 against teams from a higher division), and Tinkerman doesn’t go too mad with any selection changes, then I can see us getting at least 1 point from this - hopefully all 3 if we can start being a little more clinical up the top end.

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Eggcellent knowledge Welsh

Bet he had to scramble around to find that one.

Anyway, on to the game I am feeling another win. 6/6. Going up.

I have to admit … I did poach it from their website. :wink:

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I’m eggcited about this game. I think D.C. will hatch a plan and we will win it 3-1.

I think we’re going to baste 'em 0-4

I think it will all boil down to how well well our strikers play. I’m sure Leigh P-omlette is looking forward to this one.


What a yolk!

Gordon with poacher’s goal after a goalmouth scramble. Then it’s all ova.

Not if he has to shell out for another win bonus - bet his face would be a picture (fit for the family albumen).

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I quail at these egg puns, they are not all they are cracked up to be, and the sulphur references are terrible, I would go through fire and brimstone to avoid them.

Dunno why some online are getting carried away by them beating Southend who are in dire straits we are a different proposition 0-2 saddlers.

Will be interesting to see how the game goes… think we will do well this season if we an put the ball in the back of the net… personally I wouldn’t have bates and kinsella in the same midfield as there isnt any presence there… dont think strikers are a problem just maybe the service they are getting

Well i think you are all over egging the situation

1 nil to the saddlers. Could well be a familiar saying this season .

Their Southend result doesn’t worry me at all. Southend will go down. Heard somewhere the average age of their starting 11 was 22. They will get hammered most games this season.

I’m fairly confident of a win. 2-0 to us.


Just watched the Harrogate goals v Southend. They could all be described as bad defending. The 4th being especially hilarious. (Commentator says it’s like taking candy from a child, but then says that’s disrespectful to the child :joy:).

In short, if Saddlers play decently I think they’ll get something out of this game.

I’ll go 1-2 based on Harrogate being a bit tired from their game against Albion in the week.

Really don’t want to wait a week for this. Want to see the Saddlers sooner. I’m quite optimistic for the season.

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Something you don’t see very often, even in Primary school

Some of the most amateur defending I’ve ever seen from a professional side :joy: … was like watching a defence in Sunday league who were still ■■■■■■ from the night before

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