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On the way past this morning, overhead signs on the M6 saying that J10 will be closed Fri-Mon next weekend, and also delays expected around M5 J1 - so try to avoid if you can for the Gassy Brizzle Pirates game.

I think that is just at night.

Ignore me…all weekend. Well that’s shit

Putting in another section of the bridge over the roundabout next weekend with the “special” crane

Thanks for this, Tis not the news I needed

Those coming down the M6 from ooop North, get off at J11 and drive to Bloxwich North train station (big carpark) and get train to the game. Simples.


And from South? West Brom J3 I guess?

So long as the queues don’t go past J11. As I’ve gone through northbound after a couple of evening games recently, the southbound queue for the evening closures has been past J10A even at 10pm at night so heaven knows what it’ll be like on a Saturday afternoon.

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What exactly is happening? Will there be no getting off or on at J10, but the M6 will continue to flow normally (the word “flow” is being used ironically) without lane closures, or will some of the lanes be closed?

My understanding is it will be closed as they are putting the second part of the new bridge in place . First part was done a few weeks ago .
Avoid the area , Wolverhampton road , Bloxwich lane and Black Country route will be busy

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If it’s like the usually do, it should be an up and over diversion. Off at 10 and back on the other side of the bridge.

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Hmmm, I’ve seen the queues coming from ooop North after a couple of midweek games when returning home at around half eleven, horrendously long.
Will have a think about the best way for me to get there, without horrendous queueing.

And if I could add tighten your wheel nuts and don’t leave valuables on view.

Even worse news for the large numbers of Brizzle Rovers fans who would normally have expected to just use M5 and M6.
Highways Agency are predicting queues backing up to M5 J1 West Brom- well that happens most days anyway. I reckon it’ll back up down to J3 Halesowen.
Good job they’ve already shelled out for their tickets because I reckon there’ll be a few who won’t make it for kick off.

Any idea how far back it snarled up last time coming from Brum? I live in Northants and usually leave at J7.

I’m heading up from Wiltshire for a burnt sausage roll and a 4-2 thriller! Any advice how to get to the Banks’s appreciated.

If not I may push the boat out and stay the night prior at the Frystt hotel! Room with a view of the Bescot and next door to Trialist P, should sort it!



Via iFollow via VPN.

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If only there was some alternative route, like a motorway charging a nominal £1 toll that would take non-local traffic away from the M6 and possibly generate more income than normal.


The owner of the M6 toll road is very happy with his profits at tolls of £6.10 at the week-end.
When there were complaints by local councils that there was not much traffic using it and it should be in public ownership so they could charge lower tolls and get more traffic off the M6 he said “where were you when it needed building then? I’m happy with my investment.”

Hi Stroller- not sure how far south down the M6 the tailbacks were last time, but from experience the slightest issue at J10/11 can cause jams back to the Aston Distressway and beyond pretty quickly.
If it’s really bad and backing up before Spaghetti I’d get off at J5 and use Chester Road towards Streetly then left onto Queslett Road. From there I’d go up Beacon Road through Pheasey then left onto Sutton Road at Barr Beacon. That way you won’t have to go past J7 on the A34- I think all the M6 junctions in the area should be avoided if possible.
I think your two best allies on Sat will be a live traffic map feed and the power of prayer.