Hit his comercial revenue hard


Sitting here this morning reflecting back to two seasons ago

A bunch of die hard fans stood as one outside the stadium during the Oxford game , and others joined us on eighty mins,

We where ridiculed and laughed at by fellow fans, but we still carried the fight and still do to this day

We warned what would happen, again. We where laughed at, but I tell you this,
This time next year you will be staring conference football in the face,

Walsall football club is in it,s death throes, and is exactly where one man wants it to be,
It’s very existence is in grave danger

Forget the commercial nonsense, that it pays the rent, it doesn’t, The rent is paid via footfall through the turnstyles, why do you think he couldn’t give a dam,

It is his commercial empire that needs targeting, Do not attend events, do not buy from club shop, do not purchase from kiosks, do not drink in any of the bars, see how long he will play that game for, not long I can assure you, get up there Saturday and prove our club is worth fighting for, yes the shower on the pitch without the odd few, don’t deserve our support that’s for sure, but they are nearly a by product of bonsers austerity in relation to the football side of things
A prolonged attack on his commercial, empire is the only way to grab his attention

As for the Walsall supporters trust, when are you going to step up to the plate, and start doing what you are supposed to do
Your continued silence is deafening, grow a pair and represent the fans. After all that,s gone on in the last two years your continued silence is shamefull

People keep going on about Dan mole, and Steph gamble, and god knows I’ve had my spats with both, but having sat and spoke with both at length on many ocassions
At the working party meetings, it’s abundantly clear there hands are firmly tied

Aim your discontent at one man only, and that’s the man who in my opinion is content to sit back and watch our beloved club die
Turn your attention to his commercial empire
It’s payback time, and that time starts Saturday, pound shillings and pence is the only protest that will hit home



I’m happy for the Trust to stay as far away as possible! They can’t run themselves nevermind try and help sort any kind of protest out!

Only thing I want from the Trust is a statement once relegation is confirmed aimed at the club explaining what a mess it is as I’m sure they’d write it better than I will shout it at the end of the game on Saturday.



Can someone explain to me when does a pension fund become enough for you to live on when you are in your 70’s and you don’t need it to build it any more, that’s a question should be asked