Home games - should i stay away or should i go?


Personally I don’t think it would ( unless there was vast numbers who stayed away).It would just mean less atmosphere than there already is at the stadium.and even less playing budget than there already is .


This is a very clever line peddled by the club over the years which is hard to argue against in some respects and which subtlely blames us (again) for not turning up to watch the team thus making the constant relegation battles (bar the odd season) our fault because it is somehow our responsibility to fund the playing budget. No,it is the club’s responsibility to fund the playing budget by all means possible. If we are that important to the playiing budget, treat us like kings, serenade us, make us feel part of the fabric of the club (which we are), provide us with the best facilities. That is your starting point JB/SG/DM instead of lazily rolling your eyes and shrugging your shoulders whenever you and your ways are questioned


Spot on Tango lad


No. Jeff Bonser has cleverly made sure that he can still earn his money without the fans backing in the stands on a matchday.


In response to the question the answer is : It’s up to you.

Buying a ticket means what ever you want it to mean. Buying a ticket to Walsall is not a show of solidarity for the practices of the club in general or a backing of all of Jeff’s decisions as “running the club well” exclusively. You’re not paying anybodies wages.

When you pay your money for a ticket you’ve paid for 90 minutes of football and a day out with your family/pals. If it means any more than that to you fine but that’s exactly what it means to me.


I do not think this would work JB would still get his rent if we played to an empty stadium or as I mentioned earlier the club folded , the Venue would continue and cover the rent.


Yes, but in that scenario, a new club would evolve and play a different stadium.


See you on Tuesday?


Well here’s a dilemma

I’ve taken a point of principle for months and stayed away (as I said I would) but my grandson (age 8) now tells me (tonight) that his 2 friends from school are going and he wants to go!

Do I stick with my resolve and stay away?

Do I become a self confessed hypocrite (but a good grandad) and take him to the game?


Bite the bullet @Coop63 you can always blame the kids :rofl:

You may surprise yourself like i did , and enjoy it in a kind of weird way , and end up going some more :+1:


Yes, swallow your pride on this one.
Staying away in droves will regrettably not force JB’s hand at all, as many have said above, the Venue et al will continue to provide the income to fund that now blossoming family Pension Fund pot, football team or not. If and when we dissolve, he will just sell the land to a housing developer and he would disappear by helicopter to a certain med island.
I have, whilst congratulating WSFC for their efforts, expressed my doubt about this tea and cakes approach to the problem. JB should be made to squirm, with large unstoppable protests on every embarrassing occasion possible, though whether our apathetic fans would ever consider this approach is debateable. It IS the only way ‘they’ will take notice.
So, keep going to matches, the team, for as long as it exists, need vocal support, these are tough times to be a Walsall supporter.


Going. My first visit this season, and more importantly my 3 kids first ever game courtesy of the schools cheap tickets deal. Hope at least one of them gets the bug! UTS


same here lol.


@Coop63 go mate. It’s a day out with your family & that’s the most important thing.


Well said that man.


If i were you i would go, the kids will soon get fed up like we did :joy:


See you all there! Aaaargh… :open_mouth:


It’s been a poor season following a poor couple of years but here I am, excited to be watching Walsall play Fleetwood this afternoon.

I’ll get to see my Dad and friends, have a couple of pints and then take our usual seats next to the same familiar characters to watch the game. Then, for the next two hours everything - money, mortgages, kids, work etc - just disappears and the sole focus turns to willing Walsall to be better than some other team from some other outpost.

It’s cathartic.

Living in London and Edinburgh I tried to watch other teams, I even had a half-season ticket at Hibs, but never felt anything more than a tourist. If I want to kick every ball and take that true tribal enjoyment from attending a football game, I need to be watching Walsall play.

This is why I have the greatest respect for so-called ‘stay-aways’, because even though I’m determined that we need change at the football club, I’m not sure I could turn my back on my personal match day experience.


I’ll be there for only the 3rd time this season.Who knows,if we play well,but more importantly get at least a point,I may be back for more.


Not going today, went to the Bradford game because it was a fiver! I’m loathed to give anything to our beloved chairman and the board of spineless suits, may be tempted back for another fiver game?