Home games - should i stay away or should i go?


As far as i’m concerned M-S,it’s my club,not Bonsers,so I don’t mind paying whatever as long as I am getting value for money.


Fair play mate, your money your choice!


Hope you will be going back for more then!


Definitely Hull,as long as they show the spirit that they showed yesterday,wasn’t pretty,but you could tell everyone was singing off the same hymn sheet…:smile:


Hope you went mate and I hope you (and more importantly the grandson!) enjoyed it. Put grievances aside and help to make sure there is another generation of football fans, otherwise he could quite easily end up following someone like the Wolves if he doesn’t catch the bug early enough at Walsall!


I did DanG and I enjoyed it too

Yeah my Grandson had a great time and I was impressed with most of the players (as posted in the match thread…)

I’m right on the Wolves thing mate and I’ve been taking him since he was 5 (3 yrs) as his Dad tries to turn him to the dark side! Made better by the fact that he saw 3 of his school friends there on the schools inititative thingy (which muggins here has no knowledge of so paid £16.50 for him which is bloody rudiculous really…)

All in all a very good day and delighted with the performance and obviously the result - UTS


joking apart, this is a major problem for me. I also stopped going regularly after the fox and dann farce. that cost Walsall more money than they would ever think, because when Richard money said what’s the point, it made you think.

I have gone from going to every game to only going 3 times a season (this year), watched about 6 times on I follow as well. since then (Richard money season) I’ve also had 3 season tickets, but the last season ticket I had, I missed 9 games at home because I was watching rubbish.

I’ve also not spoken to my brother for 25 years because of falling out over a Walsall match. (Rochdale). I’ve called in sick at work to go to the Johnson’s paint cup games. was it worth it !

I now live in dinglehampton and have a son. how the hell am I going to get him interested in going to see a Walsall game, if I’ve lost interest as well.

to myself, it’s not a money issue, it’s about the product on offer. I would pay more to watch a better class of football. but at the end of the day it’s not worth paying 22 quid to watch some of the games I’ve seen this season.

been going since 1984

get rid of the saviour of our club and show some ambition


I’m sure the ticket office would have swapped you for a family ticket if you had asked. But I suppose that may have depended on where you were sitting?

There has been a lot of talk on here about the complexities of buying tickets. Before me and my lad were ST holders, I would just ring up and the helpful ladies in the ticket office would work out the best deal and best seats available. Not a problem really.


There’s no joking to it toldyo - I think this is the predicament lots of folk find themselves in - certainly I have…

Shame you’ve had a fall out with family tho - don’t wanna pry mate but 25 years must be more than a bit of a disagreement tho!

If anything, it just goes to prove what a divisive and unpopular chap JB is :frowning: