Home kit next season

As we have a suggestion for the away kit, what about the home kit? I’ve always been a fan of the green in the kit as it sets us apart but has been watered down the last two seasons (and some didn’t like it) so we need a rethink. As with the suggestions of the away kit we need something that is different so I suggest the white top with red trim, red shorts and white socks as I don’t think many have that combination. What are other people’s thoughts?

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I think it should be a modern version of this:

Much as I like white shirts, we’ve had red shirts for the majority of the last 40+ years (except for a handful of seasons). I also think the green should stay but also be minimal, I.e. just the socks.
That way we stay red shirts / white shorts but the green socks make us stick out.

I also prefer a plain design, without any fancy stripes, checks, quarters etc.

I’d have the away kit as a similar design but white shirts/red shorts/black socks. That means we keep our red/white going away but in reverse and then have black socks, which would make it the Black Country flag colours.

And for 3rd kit all yellow with blue trim, to match the yellow ribbon song.

Keep the home / away colours the same every season but just change the 3rd kit season to season.


We played in that kit in the 1960’s and you are right it doesn’t clash with many teams. I remember having it for Christmas, so if they go with that I could have it for Christmas again :grinning:

Something different perhaps: red & green pin striped shirt, white shorts, red socks with green tops. Keeper in yellow or pink.

That is my favourite but didn’t seem popular with some.

I’d love one of the kits to have a collar again. Hummel have produced some very nice kits over the past few seasons.

Should be claret for our main sponsor and true owners x

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I dont mind a touch of green… but the badge may need a colour change to make it feel more incorporated… swap the gold of the swift to green and we have a bit more colour consistency.

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The gold swift really annoys me, I know it shouldn’t but it does.


How about a modern version?


I do not like the green Cats. Not at all. Black and red, I like. A powerful and play-off winning combination.

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Monaco or Ajax looking kits would stand out

I’m not keen on the black and red but would go with white/red.


Apparently red and black was Jeff Bonser’s choice. I doubt we would go back to that.

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Love that kit probably because I wore it when I was mascot :joy:


I was mascot when we had the white Autoglass kit :rofl:
I’ve got this shirt though its my favourite

So was I, v Bury, towards the end of the season.

A good compromise Cats. I’ll buy that.

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Wes Hill worked at Nike for about 5 years - possible kit manufacturer?

I dislike anything green or black in our kit, those are not our colours. There are a million combinations of red and white, surely the club can pick a handful of those and choose a really nice home and away kit.
Better still, let the fans choose!