Hospitality Space vs Doncaster 2nd March

Genuine request - if anybody knows of a Walsall fan that’s having a bad time of it can you DM me a bit about the situation. I have 1 x hospitality space available on 2/3 and will draw one person from submissions to join the other 4 of us, to hopefully bring a bit of joy to them.

It’s a 2 course meal, with match ticket included. No cost to the winner.

I will draw the winner next Saturday


Depends on the performance. Could make things worse.

In all seriousness, what a lovely gesture :clap:t2:


Thats a lovely gesture Rob.


And who the other 3 are if Robs anything to go by you might want to give it a miss … :joy:

Just kidding Rob you know that mate :+1:

Lovely gesture by you and the others :facepunch:

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The other 3 are @TheBostedSlab, @SaddlerSteve and @Saddler_andy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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What a thoughtful, lovely gesture. Maybe have a word with someone who has some contact with Chris Nichol and see if he is well enough to attend ?

Cant think of anyone more deserving

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Respect to you, a very kind and thoughtful thing to do.

Still searching if anyone knows anybody!

Sorted now. Won’t disclose unless they want to, but a UTSer will be joining


Great stuff mate :+1:


A personal thank you from myself today to @RobHarv3y @TheBostedSlab @SaddlerSteve & @Saddler_andy for making me welcome and accommodating me for the hospitality space for today’s game. It was very much appreciated gents and to top it off 3 points for the Saddlers! :red_circle::white_circle::red_circle::white_circle: Many thanks again