How Times Have Changed

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Football rules state that a match should last 90 minutes so should a match be abandoned and the 90 minutes is not completed generally it is ordered to be replayed with the original match being void. Only rarely in Football League history has the result of an abandoned match been allowed to stand, seven major instances being -

Match 1
Clubs suffering money problems is not something new, financial problems have been part of the game since the first footballs were kicked in anger. Back in the 1894/95 season Walsall Town Swifts (now Walsall FC) were battling both to keep their place in the Football League and to pay their bills. The financial problems meant that their players were not being paid and that came to a head on Saturday December 29th 1894 when they were due to entertain Newcastle United in a Second Division fixture. Put simply, they decided in the dressing room before the match it was a case of no pay - no play. Heated discussions followed and it wasn’t until over 20 minutes after the scheduled kick off time that an agreement was reached between the players and the committee and the match finally started. Before some 2000 spectators Newcastle took a 3-0 half-time lead but Walsall then pulled two back after the interval. However the weather was atrocious with rain, sleet and a gale force wind and with fading light due to the late kick off the referee abandoned the match in the 78th minute. With Walsall being partly to blame for the abandonment the Football League decided to let the result stand and so the valuable points went to Newcastle. A few days after the Newcastle match Walsall sacked five of their players with the rest being asked to play for little more than expenses only. Not surprisingly things went further downhill for Walsall, they conceded 16 goals in their next two matches and at the end of the season were voted out of the Football League.

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