How we play

Just saw xpress and star our boss is happy with how we are playing he must be seeing a different game to us fans

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Totally agree

He’s happy with all of our defenders abilities to lump the ball 50 yards to a young lad with 3 defenders around him.

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Yes but the keeper and the back four play it prettily between them to give our opponent’s defence chance to set themselves up.

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Yes I have to admit that some of his comments about how good we are can tend to grate a little after a while, what matches does he actually watch? Can’t be the same ones we are all watching. Our defenders can be utterly shambolic at times, and our attack is powder puff at best. We would all love these supposed forwards to start scoring goals.
About 8/9 hours of shooting practice might bring our strikers up to the level of a 7th tier side!
Wouldn’t it be good for a Walsall team to finish a season with a ‘positive’ goal difference for a change.

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Me thinks that MT is happy to keep playing the same system because he doesn’t know how or the tactical nous to change it, I think he is very limited in his tactical awareness.

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Agreed, can be a bit stubborn in that respect, we all like the guy, chalk and cheese when we look back at coaching badges, but he lacks the guile to change things round or try different formations. Don’t think he is right for a turgid 4th Division outfit to be turned into a successful one.

I can’t blame the back four and the keeper at all for going long to Miller. They literally have no other option given the lack of movement in front of them


Defend our box we are fine.

We concede on the turn/break because of our, at time obscene, high line.

You can’t play that way if you can’t keep the ball. Nor can you play it with Stephen Ward.

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Reading this morning that Taylor thinks we have a plethora of excellent players and we create more chances than our opposition in most of the games we have played…

Errm, what matches is he actually watching whilst the rest of us watch the shambles of incompetence that is our team this season?
Insists he will NOT change this losing formation of 4-2-3-1. Well sorry to say this Matt, but It doesn’t work with the 5th rate set of players Fullarton has foisted upon you mate.