i-Follow abroad

I have been following Walsall since 1960 but now cannot easily attend matches. I-follow is clearly a solution but I spend half a year in the UK and half a year in France and the websites are not clear if I can watch from both locations. Does anyone know if I can? And I also want to pay in pounds but because I am France at the moment (maybe stuck…) the website is asking for euros.

Needless the say, the i-follow telephone is not being answered and they are not responding to emails.

Can anyone help?

The answer is to choose which country you want to pay in and use a VPN when you are in the other country.

Thanks for the quick response. I am not even sure how I can choose the country - it is not asking.

On some website it says that you can watch wherever you are in the world but that seems not to be true.


I spend around half the year in Spain and for the last 2 years have had a ifollow season ticket which this year cost c150 pounds.

I pay using a U.K. credit card but could easily pay from my Spanish account. I think it is because I originally opened my ifollow account in the U.K. to watch midweek games.

You will need to set up a VPN though in order to watch Saturday afternoon games when you are in The U.K.

I chose Sweden on my VPN

Thanks for the useful info. Since I will spend most of winter in the UK, it makes sense to register there but there seems no way to tell i-follow that. It is just assuming I am in France so I guess I have to use a VPN to register. Maybe it does not matter.

Are you using WiFi?

I switch from 4G to WiFi on my phone depending if I am in the house etc or out and about.

A couple of weeks ago, I tried to log into one of my betting accounts while on my home WiFi. and it wouldn’t allow me to because it knew I was in Spain. I switched over to 4g on my UK mobile and was then able to log in.

On EFL website it says if you have an international season pass and visit UK you can still watch while you are in the UK, don’t know how true it is as I’ve never tried.

Yes that was the confusing info I saw too but elsewhere it says that you can watch only from the same “territory” as you register for. The problem is that they do not answer the phones or respond to emails to check.

I guess only thing to do would be register in France then try when you are in UK and if doesn’t work then use a VPN to pretend you are in France.

I am pretty sure you can use paypal. That will convert it to Euros. Maybe??

Most payment types will convert from whatever currency you usually use to the one you are paying in, but I think @Laundryman wants to be charged in £ to start with rather than €.

Not sure you can do that as the default is the currency of whatever country you are in (or it thinks you are in) when you sign up for a pass - and the season video is not (or not normally) available if you are in the UK.

The main issue is that the prices in £s are fixed but it will depend on the exchange rate at the moment in time you are paying as to what the cost is in any local currency.

There may be different rules for the season or monthly pass and the per game ones?

As I say in my other post, the multi game video passes don’t seem to be available if you are based in the UK, but then it would be unreasonable to expect that any overseas subscriber remains in their “home” country for every game over the whole season - so you should be able to move about (including to the UK) without being penalised.

If you are only buying 1 game then the expectation would be that you are buying and watching from the same place as the window is only a few days.

Thanks all. I was intending to have the full season. The bit about the euros is not a big deal - it’s just that all my income is in the UK so it seems a bit daft to transfer money into euros to pay a bill that is in pounds in the first place.

It could be simpler.

It’s cheaper

For me in HK they charge
£7 per game
£20 per month (automatically rebilled every month)
*For some reason @cookyskid can also get this in Huddersfield.
£140 for the season

They never try to charge me in HK dollars, but sometimes they will try USD or Euros when I check out individual games. £7=€8=$9, or something like that.

It will cost you less per game if you open your account in France.

Thanks -that is very helpful.

I think I might have got this deal because I was on holiday in Northern Ireland, quite close to the border when I purchased it, so maybe the i-Follow site detected (erroneously) that I was abroad and offered a package not available to UK customers.

It would make sense (in as much that anything about iFollow makes sense) that if you sign up as an overseas customer - which you can only do if you are based abroad or make it think you are by using a VPN - then that should be available to you to use it wherever you are in the world on any particular game day, including the UK. Because how does it know that you’re not actually Belgian/Canadian/Hong Kongian or whatever (but apparently not Polish) and just happen to be out of your home country and over here on holiday?