I s s a presentation

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref. Grass roots presentation

We always said from the off. That. one of our main aims was to help out at grass roots level football within our comunity

Yesterday it was our pleasure to invite. Pelsall villa colts under 10s
Up to railway club, to be presented. With a cheque for £353. From Issa. To help them purchase. , wet weather. Training gear
They will also. Be sporting the Issa logo. On there new tops

Pictured are Issa vice chairman Steve Shaw. And Issa secretary
Dave Bromley. Handing over the cheque

We hope our donation helps them. Out, and. Who knows we may see a future Walsall player emerge from there ranks

This donation. Was funded by. Monies . Raised at our funday, back in May. so even tho it was presented by Issa. , it is you the fans. Who contributed to the success of the fun day Who have made this. Possible. So again give yourselves a pat on the back,

Issa continues to go from strength to strength. As Friday nights Chris Nicholl event proved , and. We aim to do one last thing this calendar year , and that will be to do a little something. For the pensioners amongst our fan base for Christmas, ,so keep your eyes out for an anouncement next week

From all the Comitee of Issa again a huge thank you to everyone who made yesterday’s presentation possible


Well done,couldn’t you have photo shopped the Wolves plaque out in the background…:grinning:


Lol. Guy who runs it follows both Walsall and wolves mate, There is some Walsall stuff up behind bar as well. Tho
So we let him off. A little


Perhaps the guy who runs it would remove the dingle sign from behind the bar and put it in one of the urinals, this would be great target practice for saddler fans and also reduce drastically the excess pee that always finds its way onto the bog floor😁


Well done.

Great stuff. Let folks on here know what you plan for christmas…I’m sure there would be some donations (especially through Just Giving).

At our last home game before Christmas , we intend to give the pensioners amongst our fan base a little gift,

We are planning on giving them a Christmas themed bag containing a nice tin of quality biscuits, or a tin of roses etc and a bottle of wine,

Know it’s nothing on a grand scale but just wanted them to know that Issa are thinking of them, we have done the funday, which the funds raised went back into the community the kids got presented with eggs at Easter , so only right we give a little something to the pensioners amongst our fan base

U t s. And wsfc are more than welcome to participate as a joint venture if they wish, And for any fan wanting to take part they can bring a gift bag containing said items to railway club any Thursday night or prior to any Saturday home game, And they will be added to the ones Issa purchase

Have spoken with dan mole and club are supportive of the idea and also wish to play a part ,