Idea for next season to make UTS/following Walsall better

Don’t know if it’s worth sharing this idea, I’ll probably get flak but what the heck.

One thing that slightly frustrates me when watching Walsall in league 2 is that I often know little about the opposition each game, and have to rely on brief match highlights or just the other teams latest results to get some idea about how they play and what their strengths and weaknesses are. It’s often inadequate. League 2 doesn’t get that much exposure in the media.

Ideally I’d like to be more up to speed with the opposition, but it’s just not possible to be that knowledgeable about 23 other teams (plus Walsall themselves).

However, what if 23 of us chose one other different league 2 team (other than Walsall) and made an effort to keep up to date with that other team?


  • go to the other teams website/fans forum and keep up to date with latest news and gossip
  • watch that teams games on sky sports
  • watch that team in person if geographically convenient.
  • read match reports etc

The match threads and league 2 threads etc could then have more informed comments.

Just an idea how we can work together to make following Walsall a better experience.
Even if we had say 10 teams followed I think it would be good. Obviously would have to coordinate and agree who was allocated to each team.

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Much easier to get @CompletelySaddled to switch on his gizmo and do a brief summary prior to the fixture identifying strengths and weaknesses of the opposition followed by how we should set up to get a victory.


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Don’t think following a different team would work, following Walsall is enough :sweat_smile:

Posts like “Colchester have just signed Jack Payne” in a Walsall transfer rumour thread or “Bromley gone 1-0 up at Gillingham” in a Walsall match thread against Cheltenham can get pushed aside with all the essays and debates on here.

Think there should just be a megathread based on all other League 2 teams where the discussion is on teams when they make signings/games are on, especially with the greater coverage on Sky.

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Or 1 thread per team? That way we can look at each team individually

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Good idea, then we can argue about all 24 teams and not just limit the moaning to our beloved Saddlers :wink:

In all seriousness though I think it would give us a bit of perspective i.e. you would almost certainly see the same debates/issues arising on all of our competitors forums. Its not just Walsall !

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I am sure there are worse than Walsall.

The Swindon forum was fun last season


Like the mega thread idea of all other teams in the division :+1:

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Pre season scouting mission seeing what Chesterfield are like.

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I think there is room for a general league two discussion to be honest. We would all be reading it, i like to keep up to date anyway.

Perhaps be nice to not descend into insults if we can keep port vale out of it…


Further to the OP, I have decided I will make a committed effort to follow how Port Vale fare over the season.

Will keep you updated.

Sorry to hear that :grinning:

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@Andy_Petterson at home…

This season I will mostly be following Port Vale.