Ideas for generating cash for WFC

I know a few people on UTS have said they won’t give the club any money while they are paying rent to JB,but the fact still remains the club needs money.I have joined the new 50/50 draw and hope that helps the club out.I think it’s an easy cop out to say “I won’t pay anything to the club while we are paying rent to JB”.The fact is we do have to pay rent to JB or whoever owns the lease in the future,so I think we all have a duty to help Leigh Pomlett (Walsall Football Club) out of this mess.

Leigh Pomletts appeal to fans


I agree Mr Swifty.

I am more and more viewing the balance of my 19/20 and my entire 20/21 season tickets as donations rather than an exchange of money for a good or service.

I will do more. Just haven’t thought through how.

I would be inclined to do even more if I could understand how conversations are going with the landlord. It is a massive overhead for a business with currently little revenue and as such I would be motivated to contribute and do more if I had a greater sense of “all in this together”.

Leigh is doing a great job on the comms front. I’d love him to break the silence on this really important issue.


Yes I feel the same about the season ticket, certainly the rest of this season, being a donation. Hopefully we will get to use next season’s ticket but I have written off the rest of this season. The ‘number one fan’ should now cancel all rent payments until this crisis is over. I’m sure legal issues can be overcome and it will prove just how much of a fan he really is.


To be honest,if not cancelling it, just a few months payment holiday would help, he would still get his ill gotten gains, but over a longer period.

If this happened I would happily give money to the club (and I have a few ideas on fundraising). Yes its my club and it would be horrible to see us go bust but the onus should not be on the fans ‘for some ideas’ when they have a full time marketing team and a landlord to negotiate with.

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So would i.

This echoes my thoughts completely.

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Maybe they’re just trying to be inclusive,that’s what the fans have wanted for many years now.

Yes true but are there a lot of ideas truly coming from the club too? I guess it would expect the club to be making ideas and we ‘top them up’. Maybe I am being too demanding because they have done certain things with the club shop and early birds.

Unfortunately, giving a “rent holiday” is no longer as easy as it once was. Thanks jointly to the convoluted arrangements that our number one fan (ha, bloody ha) made to wrap up his nice little earner - er, sorry, I meant pension, and subsequent changes in pension law, it is not that straightforward to give break from the rent payment. I’m sure that there are UTSers who are au fait with the legislation who could offer some light on the situation.

Of course, our number one fan could always make a donation equal to the rental payment!

Nurse, nurse, come quickly - I think my medication is wearing off!!


My idea by the way (because I have no problem with anyone else running with it) is to copy one of the clubs here in Norway. They set a date for a ‘home game’ and sold virtual tickets to try to match the actual attendance they would have had (something like 10 quid a ticket). Then on the day they had prize draws (signed balls and shirts), a video stream of a famous match and chats with the players/manager. It was very good and I believe they got twice the normal home attendance.


I’ve renewed my ST, which I think I might get little value from, but I don’t want to donate anything further to WFC because as things stand it will go to the Toxic Leech. When the Leech announces that he is canceling (not deferring) the rent payments for several months then I would reconsider.

Lokomotive Lepizig did something similar, except at €1 a ticket and you could buy as many as you wished. Their aim was to beat their record attendance of 100,000 and I think they got to about 120,000 sales in the end.

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Independent saddlers supporters association took ideas to club only a few months back
They wanted to purchase 100 k of shares from the chairman , but where refused.
They also had an idea of investing 200 k into club, but wanted fan representation on the board in return
Again offer refused
So it appears club in a far more healthier position than they letting on, If they can afford to not accept such offers of help


Hmm yep, perhaps they are for now. It would be great to have more clarification on that though, I don’t see what the club can lose from doing that.

Wasn’t that before the lurgy descended on us though DH?

Only a few months back mate, but it was made abundantly clear that it would never be accepted by the club, For any fan group be it Issa or any other one , to have any. Sort of input into club at board level


Hi Dhforever, diverting slightly off topic, I’m told you are the guy to contact regarding purchasing the enamel badges you have sorted, how do I buy them from you? Cheers.

Hi mate
Issa will be launching an online shop in next few hours.
The shop will launch with. A retro shirt,

The badges will be added within next day or so. , and you can purchase on line
We will be adding more items in the near future as we are trying to negotiate the best possible prices in order to pass benefits on to fans

We hope within a few months to have a lot of quality items available for fans to purchase , including some limited edition items
The website can be found at


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