Ides of March


As good as today sounded the reality is March remains a very hard month for fixtures.

Burton (a)
Fleetwood (h)
Pompey (h)
Sunderland (a)
Barnsley (h)
Donny (a)

Would be happy with six points from that, one win and a few battling draws in similar manner to today. Certainly 4 points from Burton and Fleetwood would be excellent to continue the momentum. The August-September version would’ve been capable and seems today was a throwback to those early seasons days.

Anyway get up to 44-45 points and then you’re not far off 50-51 with likes of Oxford, Accrington, Southend, Wycombe and Sloppies all still to play in the run in.



Weird to see that traditionally lower clubs on the football scale in fleetwood and burton have become tough matches, however,sadly its true.

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Nobody is saying it isn’t?

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well done mate leading in with an argumentative approach again …:rofl:



He’d start an argument in an empty room…trying to work out what the question mark is for though…:roll_eyes:

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Haha I just can’t work out why anybody would say this other than to take the shine off a magnificent performance!? Nobody in there right mind doesn’t understand the position we are still in.

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I know where you’re coming from there’s just so many people on the negative all the time .

When we do good there should be praise not ■■■■ taking



Good to see so many positive comments on todays match thread. Long may it continue :pray:



And all after just one performance , think what it would be like if the results were like this even every other weekend



I don’t see the creation of this thread as negative in any way, shape or form - it’s simply the reality. It’s also beneficial to focus on the next run of games, acknowledging their difficulty.

The Bradford win was absolutely vital and now we’ve done it we can at least go into March with a little more confidence.

Objectively - unlikely draws against Sunderland and Barnsley, added to draws and perhaps two wins from the rest would be a great return of 10 points. I think 6 points points is more realistic though.



In football there’s only one fixture that matters and that’s the next one.
Burton away is all that will matter to Keates right now. That’s the one we need to get something out of.
Looking any further ahead is pointless and very often demoralising.



“you think of your sword and his sword, and nothing else”

Starring …

Paris: as the beleaguered Walsall team
King Menelaus of Sparta: as Burton Albion
King Agamemnon: as the spectre of relegation
Helen of Troy: as the embattled Walsall faithful
King Priam: Dean Keates
Hector: Martin O’Connor
Achilles and the myrmidons: as Barnsley and Sunderland
UTS: as the apple of discord (one for the purists, not shown)
The circling crows: Jeff Bonser



■■■■■■■ hell mate that’s s bit deep…:joy:



True story. :grinning::wink:

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The major sub-plot of any Troy re-make should be if and when Watford intend to sell him.



They should be vultures not crows…

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Re. UTS Troy

Does anyone like anagrams?




Now that’s what I call a classy post…:smiley:

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I want to watch the rest of the ■■■■■■■ film now :smile:

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8 pts out of this fixture list would be great. Would mean we’d need 4-6 pts from the remaining 6 games.