iFollow live games

Hi guys, if you pay the £10 to watch the game live through iFollow, does anyone know what proportion of the money goes to the club, and what proportion goes to the EFL, PremiumTV or whoever else?

According the the Accrington chairman, 80p in the pound goes to the home team and the rest to the EFL. No revenue share for the away side.

If that’s correct it’s more than I was expecting, fair enough.

The away team should stop playing when the cameras are on them.

Looks like the Saturday 3pm UK blackout might be lifted as part of the new TV deal that’s up for grabs.


BTW I used to be able to post articles etc “in line” by clicking on Upload and giving a URL rather than a local file. Not given the option any more on my laptop (never worked om my Android to start with), but I see others are still able to do it. Anyone got any idea what’s stopping me?

I just copy and paste the URL into the thread and get this.

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EFL TV deal: League willing to consider scrapping Saturday TV blackout - BBC Sport

Appears better (text rather than URL) but not actively inserting the article. :unamused:

Not sure if it makes any diiference but I use Firefox on Windows 10.

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Firefox doesn’t work very well on my W10 laptop (firewalls and other security issues) but I have found a way to do it on my mobile (using Chrome browser).

Thanks for helping.

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