IFollow shenanigans

Anybody else here having a problem signing onto their iFollow account?

I’ve tried to sign in (via the VPN I always use), but it won’t sign in, it won’t let me reset the password and I can’t register for an account - which makes it look like there’s a problem on the page.

I’ve got a valid rolling subscription (paid last month), buy I can’t make sense of it. Anybody else noticed anything weird?

Just tried logging in & seems to be fine for me ( I have an annual rolling subscription too).

Mine’s OK too.

My login is OK on both the website and the app.

When you say your usual VPN, is that using a server in exactly the same “home” country that you signed up your account over (not just the same VPN provider/app), or are you using a random server?

It might be an overused cliché - but turning it off and then on again seems to have worked!

I generally have so little confidence in iFollow (even less than I have in Walsall FC), so I’m honestly surprised whenever I get it to work!

A couple of seasons ago they added something in which stopped you using a VPN to connect from a country other you are registered in as it cost almost half the cost for a match pass from outside the UK. This still allowed you to connect from abroad if not using a VPN so I assume they have a check list of ip ranges for all the popular VPNs. Might be that your usual VPN has been added to the list. I assume if you are able to select a UK based server on your VPN if you are registered in the UK it should work.

If you use an Iptv provider there are loads and they all have I follow use a vpn it works fine

Confirmation that to watch Saturday 3pm k.o. games on iFollow you have to be outside of the UK (or appear to be :wink:)

I signed in just to be certain that it worked, it did.