Ifollow VPN

They give me the option of paying through a UK bank - I haven’t tried it though.

Just go to the games chunky ya tight begger ,

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I am on saturday :smile:

Bit of advice here for those struggling:
iFollow have cottoned on to this and seem to have identified and blocked certain VPNs including those paid ones. I have a Windscribe subscription and it doesn’t;t work on iFollow anymore. I tried Nord VPN and that doesn’t work either. It seems they have blocked the well known ones. For today’s game I used Freedome VPN which worked fine. You can tell if it will work or not before as you will only get the option to purchase the match with a working VPN that hasn’t;t been blocked.

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You get that with VPN Melon at the moment.

I’ve paid for tonight’s game with a VPN through a German server but when I’ve tried to stream the game I was only allowed a few seconds before a message came up saying I may not have permission to play this video. £9 wasted.

Servers get picked up regular and you have to change.

This does happen. I find if you logout and sign back in, it starts again. Takes 30 seconds if you plan.

Could be a number of “trivial” things that you can sort out yourself if it happens again.

Firstly, were you trying to watch the stream on the same device that you used to pay for it? Using the same app? Same VPN provider? Same country/server? Same account? And done in the same session or did you do the purchase in advance?

I often buy the games using my Android mobile phone but watch it using a Firestick (which is also Android). If I did watch it on my mobile, iFollow “encourage” you to use the EFL app - but you can only use that to stream not buy so have to use a browser to the club’s OS to do that. So hence one app to buy, one to watch (and also 2 different devices).

You can watch using a browser rather than the EFL app but on Android it will default to mobile mode - and that gets blocked. The way around that is to switch to desktop mode. Depends on what browser you are using to do this but should be an easily accessible setting (on the Firestick Silk browser it is the one of the icons on the menu/navigation bar at the top of the screen). PCs and laptops default to desktop mode so you shouldn’t have this problem on them. This was something that caught me out the first time I tried using iFollow (for a game where a VPN was not required).

I have 2 accounts (different e-mails) registered for Walsall iFollow as I’ve loaned one to my dad to use on his own Firestick (he’s totally tech unsavvy so I buy the games and he knows enough how to make it come on screen). If I am going to watch a game myself I need to make sure I’m buying and watching it on the same account as I bought it on.

I believe you have to appear to be in the same country to watch as you were when you purchased - so you would have to use Germany both times (and you definitely can’t switch off the VPN after purchase and revert back to being in the UK).

If you fire up your app or browser BEFORE starting the VPN it doesn’t always get picked up dynamically and you will still appear to be in the UK - especially (as @Laundryman alludes to) if you were already logged into your account. Best thing is to log out, close the app/browser, fire up VPN (to a server in the same country that you bought the game), start app/browser, and then log in again.

Depending on your account with the VPN provider (especially if you are using a “free” one rather than paying a premium), there might also be data or connection time limits so make sure you have plenty left to watch the whole game (about 4-5MB on the default stream rate but can turn this down using the Quality setting at the bottom right of the iFollow stream screen - where you can also switch between home and away audio). The VPN connection can also sometimes bomb out and dump you back in the UK without you knowing.

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Thanks for your suggestions Andy. Not sure I followed it all but I purchased and tried to watch the game via a German server on the Silk browser on my Firestick. I used Cyber Ghost which I’d used successfully for the Mansfield match which I know was away but wasn’t available for streaming on iFollow. I may have switched the VPN on and off between purchase and viewing I can’t remember.

I was planning to give up my season ticket next year as I’ve found it increasingly depressing but want to continue with some sort of support. Very sad I know particularly when you can remember the likes of Freddie Morris, Ken Hodgkisson, Tony Richards, and Allan Clarke etc., but all good things must come to an end and I think now is as good a time as any.

No problem @WorcesterSaddler, happy to try and help (if I can).

As I say, one issue I’ve had watching on a Firestick is that it is based on Android and therefore the Silk browser defaults to mobile mode rather than desktop mode - and iFollow were blocking this to try and force you to use the EFL app (which is available to download on the Google Playstore but not Amazon’s - and doesn’t work very well if you sideload either). The way around that is to switch Silk to desktop mode before you log into your iFollow account and run the stream. On the Silk navigation menu at the top of the screen, this is the icon that looks like a TV with an aerial on top (mobile mode) that you can toggle to look like a PC (desktop mode).

Obviously that would also have been the case when you watched Mansfield, but I’ve had other instances of iFollow working OK one way for a particular game then exactly the same setup bombing out for another and had to change something that wasn’t flagged as an issue previously.

If this (or any of the other things I suggest to check) doesn’t work, your other option is the real time ( :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:) iFollow help facility - which is the speech bubble thing in the bottom right corner. This opens up a webchat window that, once you get past all the fob off messages and suggestions (“Have you tried turning it off and back on again?”) puts you in a queue for a real life technical support bod to eventually respond, and they (after repeating the same guff as the automated stuff) might be able to suggest something else to try or at least check your attempted connection coming in. Although telling them you are getting around the UK broadcast restriction with a VPN might not get the best response so just tell them you are in whichever country you are pretending to be connecting from.

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My wife’s got VPL - I keep telling her but she never does anything about it!

I use McAfee anti-virus. If you sign up to pay by direct debit it comes with a free VPN. Choose whichever country you like and then sign in to ifollow.

I had an issue with French TV, which you cannot watch live from the UK so I use a VPN (Nord). It worked fine from November until this week but now the French seem to be able to detect it is a VPN. I spent two hours in Nord Live Chat last night trying to fix it to no avail. Maybe the hosts are getting better at identifying VPN severs.

Thanks again Andy for your help. Can’t say I’d realised the significance of the two optional icons on the header bar.

The only difference between the Mansfield and Bradford matches (apart from away and home) was that I watched the former on my Dell laptop via Canada and the latter on the television through the Firestick (and Silk browser) via Germany (cheaper purchase). I did try my laptop during the second half on Tuesday but it still threw me out.

It looks like a video pass may not be available for the Bristol Rovers match either other than via a VPN. Not sure why this should be! I might give it another go but can’t afford too many failures.