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Has anyone watched 3pm games using a vpn? I’ve been reading that a few efl fans are accessing the live game using a vpn to get around being abroad?? Does it work an if so how do I do it?

I know someone who has said they have done it and it works.

I’ve read about a few people doing it but not sure how it works

I’ve received letters from people who know some people that have said it works but none of them actually know how to get it to work.

I have a vpn and ifollow and i have been trying to make it work for months? so i would PAY someone to make oit work :joy:

I’ve heard that sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


Now that I’m back in HK, I don’t need to use VPN with iFollow - and I didn’t try it when I was in the UK as I went to the games.

However, this is what I do to ‘fool’ Sky, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub etc into thinking I am in the UK when I am not.

I use VPN Melon on my Android phone or tablet.
First open the VPN, select the country, then connect. When you open your browser or app, you will be connecting to the internet from that country. You can now test it to see whether this works with iFollow.

Not all VPNs work all of the time, not all sites are ‘fooled’.

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I connect my VPN which is IP vanish, i select a country say canada or spain, then sign in to ifollow, and it comes up " you can not watch this from your location" or something like that? so i know it is working but it still will not let me watch?

This means that you have not fooled the site or app. I get that, too, when my VPN fails to convince Sky that I’m in the UK when watching/downloading the Walsall highlights.

Try another VPN. TunnelBear is one that works for most. However, free usage is limited to 500 MB of data a month. (Not enough for one full game, I would say.)

VPN Melon has worked better for me than other apps, and is free.

If you are using Android, one thing to note is that you pay on saddlers.co.uk but can only watch through the iFollow app.

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can i download it for my laptop?

TunnelBear can be used on your laptop. VPN Melon is only available as an Android app, I think.

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Thanks pete, is it available on bluestacks? or have i just downloaded that for nothing? :joy: just downloaded tunnel bear, but it is saying i only get 500mb free per month :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Its simpler for an old technophobe like me to just pay to get in I think…:crazy_face::open_mouth:


Yes, you only get 500 MB free, but you can get another 1 GB if you tweet their praises.

As for VPN Melon on Windows, look here:

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I agree Sid, or just listen to it on the wireless :grinning:

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Well done Chunkster,have’nt got a clue what you’re talking about but it sounds techy…:grinning:

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Keeps us young’uns off the streets.:grin:

i a as thick as i sound :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Would they not know where you are based on ypur bank???

Windscribe VPN gives 10 Gb a month free usage
i find that a full game uses about 3Gb

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