Ignore this post its ruined by post 2

Thanks for putting me in the frame, he is probably fitter than me :joy:

no its fine , i accept whats been said , no probs
as for showing dad this now , no chance

its not against the rules , fine
its against my rules of showing him something nice to get him here for the fans

dont matter - im going to bed / goodbye and good night

if you thing showing him nice messages with that article shoved in the middle will warm dad up then you dont know my dad do you ?

Gone downhill quicker than A Merson team bonding session here wtf

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With the greatest of respect to you and your father, this message-board isn’t here for you to decide what is and isn’t acceptable to suit your agenda. The moderators are in place to manage things according to the site rules.

You could always collate the good things that are said and show him those.


That tended to go uphill compared to what happened on the pitch

yes your right
well thats me told
and its also me signing out

you was spot on with what you said
got no chance really m8
ive had a go / nevermind

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Its a shame because your dad was really highly thought of by many fans of that era, myself included, maybe have a word with @Dhforever he is a master at getting old favourites together, and maybe your dad would be up for it if he could meet not only the fans that loved him, but some of his old mates as well :wink:

forget it
he wont come anyway
and the fact i couldnt even grab a few messages to show him , maybe to change his mind a bit there you go
and now im looking like im in the wrong
i only said the article was not in keeping with the subject
if i cant get a fan to delete it then why am i bothering
and i probably could swing it , if i got right

Do you know what , If I was as good a player as your dad ( and I did play a bit, turned out for the army ) I would have loved turning up meeting old mates and being introduced to the crowd, I would have milked it.
From what you have said, perhaps best leave it to memories.


This is boring now, you can copy and paste any message you like to show him. You don’t have to show him the thread, you can take whichever messages you like and collate them. That’s up to you.

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I reckon this is a blues fan on the wind up.

The messages are very very bizarre :joy:

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not sure what you mean

I would just like to post on record that i realise now that your post was not intended to offend
And would like to apologise for my reaction @kevlar :wink:

Finally we agree.
My suspicious mind has been playing overtime as well :face_with_monocle:

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Bye bye good riddance. Don’t expect to be treated like some kind of god on this site nobody else does blue nose.


Have i been had over?

Understand @cwright75 is known to a few users and legitimate in his claim to be Bernie’s son. He’s emailed to ask that his profile be deleted however, and with that I’ll close the thread too.

So ends another bizarre episode in UTS history…