In the beginning 1888

From the Walsall Observer Handbook 1888-1955


Enjoyed reading that. Thanks for posting.

500 fan’s traveled,for what was a brand new team,l know Perry Bar isn’t a million miles away,but It just shows how important the railway was to ordinary people.

A few more pages of interest.

Have you read Birth of the Saddlers by Mike Bradbury? Officially sanctioned by the club, it came out about 5-6 years. Probably still available in the club shop if not on Amazon or eBay.

Very well researched and a good read if you’re interested in the clubs early days.

@AndyWTaylor - The Mike Bradbury book is really good. Read it through several times. I recommend it to all Saddkers fans.

WFC as we know it was incorporated on 11 December 1920

100 years of WFC and we have managed to end up in a position whereby Bonser got the club to pay for a stadium to be built but acquired the freehold for himself and subsequently appointed Pomlett as the rent collector.


5000 share issue in July 1924.

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