Independent saddlers supporters association


Yes, I remember.
Last time I saw Joe was at the 5-0 win at Port Vale.


the last few years i spoke to him he was taking his daughter


The legend is there every week.


Is he the guy who looked like a body builder? and used to sit next to pete?


Yes he was a bare knuckle fighter


Maybe thats why the beer was always okay in the Railway …:joy:


I’ve drunk in there a couple of times when playing bowls - you are right when you say it’s a proper club: might pop in on Saturday.


Count our group of 4/5 in, we’ve been looking for somewhere different for pre-match booze.
Not been in for a while, but have played bowls there many times.


superb mate lets hope this is the start of a big thing, supporters using a venue that is looking after walsall fans and making a bit of money at the same time :ok_hand:


Thanks from all involved, to the ones who have pledged support on here
Issa has been set up by fans, for the fans, membership uptake has been fantastic, and as we promised it,s members will be the ones to benefit
Quick example official coach to Doncaster £18 50
With us £12 , and that’s just a start, Many other things in pipeline, again with the fans being first and foremost in its thought,s


Thanks issa for getting this venture on the road and trying to bring some pride back to all walsall fans I will be fully behind it


Who do you play bowls for WillenhallWFC?


How did it go saturday did many turn up and support this new idea ?
I’d planned to go but was late leaving work so was just a quick dash to the game , but i will be going as and when i can make it as it is a good idea trying to get our supporters having a few drinks together , like the old days in the town before the games , and it needs support .


Happy to sign up last Saturday and join ISSA. Well done to @Dhforever and everyone who has set it up and wish you every success.


I went to the railway club last Saturday before the Rochdale game and the beer was decent and the atmosphere was alright too.

No TV so won’t catch any early games, but music was on there and we parked and walked to the game and back from the fame. Only suggestion maybe is to open for an hour or so afterwards maybe?


According to comments on Facebook there were 70/80 there