Independent saddlers supporters association


RIndependent saddlers supporters association

Ref. Railway club. (L M R C A )
Wednesbury road Walsall WS1 4JG


Following a meeting with representatives from the above club, they have kindly offered use of there facilities to our new venture

Commencing Saturday. 02. Feb. Rochdale at home, we will be using the railway club as our base

We urge all our members to come along, and have a drink in there before going to game

You do not need to be a member of Issa, to use this facility on match days, but committee members will be at hand should you wish to actually join up, You will also be able to book and pay for our away coach travel Whilst in there

The railway is a proper old style working man’s club, no frills, just a place where you can get together with your saddler Friends and enjoy a pre match and after match drink and chat, No sky tv whatsoever, so you won’t be surrounded by plastic fans, cheering there side on via a TV set

What you will be is amongst your own ,
So again I urge every member of Issa to make the railway your chosen spot pre match, and if not a member you are still welcome to come along and see what we are all about

Please come along and show your support, there is a large secure car park, where you can leave your car,and maybe even make the short walk to the ground saving yourself £4 straightaway, and our association is only as strong as its membership, so please consider backing us in this

Would like to say a big thank you to all at railway club involved for letting us Use there facility, which you all know is only a short walk from bescot stadium

Please note all those previously advised that we would be in the stadium suite taking memberships at the Rochdale game, this is no longer the case
Membership applications will now be done at the above mentioned club

The doors will be open from 12 pm , and we sincerely look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.


Fully understand that the newly formed
Independent saddlers supporters association, will not be everyone’s cup of tea
But you don’t have to become a member, to use this new facility, and for those not wanting to add to bonsers coffers , perfect place for a pre match drink, and a place for all those in support of rob to meet up and discuss what’s happening


Never mind tea, what beers are on offer :wink:


Didn’t look mate when I went in but can vouch that the pint of lager I had was spot on lol


It does say on a pub site that they don’t sell real ale


That’s buggered it then


Depends how much you hate Bonzo, i would take a hit on a pint of lager there to spite him :smile:


Compared to the ■■■■ they sell in the ground I agree. Good ales would have been a magnet though.


And served at 12 deg instead of minus 3 :laughing:
joking apart it might pay the club to get a real ale on tap if they get say another 10 bonzo protesters in? who knows? it may attract quite a few protesters?


Do know they are not tied to anyone And have said for us to make any suggestions that we think would. Help
So a few guest beers on match days could be a very strong possibility, but the Rochdale game will be our first time of using it , so a learning curve for all involved


I think it could take off mate, such is the bad feeling with the club at the moment :+1: i have been there before, when my nephew played a cup match on the pitch at the back.


Great that you’ve done this. Will definitely encourage more fans to drink away from the ground. Hopefully it becomes a regular spot for Walsall fans as let’s be honest, the George has too many away fans and the Fullbrook is dead. I’ll try this place out myself too before a game.


Did drink pre match many years ago with big Joey Savage and his mates , and as far as i can remember it was fine then , and must still be to be going as long as it has …


Would be great if it can become a known place where many Walsall fans drink before the game together.


We will listen to fans, and what they want, us to try and do, like I said in original post sky is a no go at present , but if fans back this and indeed use it as there chosen pre match drinking spot, that could well change
As well as getting some real ales in we want to do everything possible to provide them with a better pre match experience, Will be a continuous work in progress, but will require fans to see behond it,s initial shortcomings, and see the bigger picture of what we are trying to do


REALY hope so mate, it’s been done for the benefit of the fans , and we aim to give them something back


Me too . Went to school with Joe. Always went to the away games with Joe and his Uncle Tone in my younger days.


This sounds like the exact sort of the things the club should be suggesting …


The comitee of the railway club, and comitee of Issa , will work closely together , on anything fans put to us mate, we want to make it a place fans want to use,
As well as match days , we have plans for other social event,s to be put on there under the independent saddlers supporters association,s banner, with its members paying discounted prices


Since i stopped buying my season ticket in the blue rinse stand and going in the lounge up there i still used to have a chat with Joe when he was doubling as Pete Watermans bodyguard