Info required please

As my ID suggests I live inTorbay and intend going to the Plymouth match at the end of August.
As this match is being played on the bank holiday weekend I would imagine that there will be many of you bringing your buckets and spades and enjoying the delights of the English Riviera.
Not sure if you will be able to pay on the day as I did a few years ago.
I have looked on the official website for a contact email address but can’t see one.
I would like to contact the club and explain my situation I.e. the fact that I live in Torbay
Suggestions please :pray::pray:

Club contact details

E-mail and phone number(s) for the ticket office are in there.

If you are definitely going to the game, you can buy over the phone and have the tickets posted to you for £1. Depending on Plymouth’s policy, buying in advance might be cheaper than paying on the day so even paying the postage might save you a little bit. You can also do it via the club’s eTicketing but you then get hit with an extra admin charge for the privilege of not talking directly to a human being.

They haven’t announced the Plymouth game yet which means they are still waiting for tickets/details from down there, so maybe not much point asking them just yet what the deal will be. Keep an eye on the OS for it to be announced.

If you are just wanting to know if you can get in on the fly - we usually don’t sell out the away end for that trip (or indeed most games) so a good chance you will be able to, but given how it’s panned out for today you might be better off getting sorted in advance as even if they announce “pay on the day” to start with, it could become all-ticket closer to the time depending on changing circumstances. Up to you if you want to take the chance.

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Plymouth tickets are already on sale apparently.

We won’t sell out Plymouth. Even given time of year, bank holiday etc etc.

Brain meltdown - of course the Plymouth tickets are already on sale as I bought one earlier in the week (it’s just that I haven’t picked it up yet hence why there isn’t one in the pile for upcoming games on my bedside table)! :man_facepalming:

£23 if you buy now (+ £1 if you need them posting) or £25 on the gate. Only 252 in the first batch, will we need a second lot?

Message @chunkster to call the ticket office on your behalf. He’s an expert…


£23 or £25 and people where moaning about Walsall prices.

I bet part of it is to fund their feeder club, Bury :joy::joy::joy:

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Thanks Andy
I will give the club a call when I get back to the UK next week.
The Plymouth and Exeter games could well be the last time I see the Saddlers play if my plans to move here to Thailand work out

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Hope we win both to give you a happy ending.

That might be why he’s going to Thailand … :wink:

You can always fly back for a game or two. I’m in the UK for my usual August visit. In Stirling at the moment - not going to Northampton today as I haven’t got a ticket! I hope to get to at least four games, including Plymouth, before flying back to HK.

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