Interesting- Bradford City


Spent the afternoon at Bygone times, a huge antiques centre at Eccleston not far from Chorley.
Met a very pleasant elderly couple, openly and proudly wearing Bradford City shirts, both had followed Bradford for just over 50 years each.
Told me a very intriguing story about their own Chairman, who, following a particularly poor performance at an way fixture stormed on to the team bus and verbally attacked one of their ‘star’ players, and told him in no uncertain terms that he was finished at Bradford and was never to darken their doors ever again!
He was gone, and apparently ever since the whole squad has downed tools completely in retaliation, hence their very poor run into relegation!
So, are we perhaps lucky to have couldn’t care a jot Bonser then?



I have heard similar stories about those in charge up there…seems we are not the only Club where those in charge have really mucked it up.



Nope - just because Edin Rahic was a terrible Chairman for Bradford, doesn’t mean we’re ‘lucky’ to have Jeff. They’re both bad, but in different ways.



Sounds to me that as fans we have both been screwed by a chairman, just in different ways, ours has been a long lingering death, like death by a thousand cuts :unamused:



Bradford are similar to Bury last season.

When you look at their attacking options a side with Eoin Doyle, Billy Clarke, Jack Payne and David Ball all as regulars should be nowhere near the bottom 4 but clearly lots going on behind the scenes.

They have already given Gary Bowyer a 2 year deal and he did a similar rescue job at Blackpool so I fully expect them to be in top 3 mix for next season.

There are plenty of owners in football as bad if not worse than Bonser. That’s the danger with anyone under the assumption everything will be perfect in the post Bonser era.

Still the club is at the stage now where a change at the very top is desperately needed to give some belief back to the vast majority.

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Yet, Bradford have already sold over K13 of season tickets!



Sold 13,000 season tickets really. That’s unbelievable?



Mind you, they are only about £100 each so I’m told!



For last 6-7 years they’ve done really low prices, think between 100-150 quid for majority of season tickets.

They started it in league 2 and were drawing 15k crowds even before they had their great cup run of 12-13.

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I’ve often wondered if we should do something similar but TBH I don’t think the support is there in the borough for the club. Would be great if we could ship 8K but it would most likely result in the regulars plus maybe 500 extra.

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Probley right mate until there is change at the top !!!



If Bonser did that he would go up in my estimation because I haven’t seen any other evidence to date that he cares one jot about football.
It would however reinforce my opinion that he has learnt sod all in 30 years about how to run a professional sports team.
I guess he just can’t win in my eyes :grinning:



Bonser is a ****

This is not even a comparison

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Is that an opinion or fact?



From what you write on The Brexit thread, I’m not sure you would know the difference :wink: