International Weekends 2018

International weekends this Autumn which may possibly see us lose players / have matches postponed :

Sept 8 (Barnsley away)
Oct 13 (Charlton home)
Nov 17 (Fleetwood away)

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Kinsella and Kouyar in the current squad that are most likely to called up by their countries. Anyone else?

Thanks for this.

If we sign Egert he may well get called up for New Zealand.

I think you mean Mitchell. Egert is Czech.

OOOps yeah your right. Mitchell, who was born in Croatia, has a New Zealander Father and has played at U17, U20 and once for the full NZ teams.
I’ve read so may player profiles this week they’re all spinning round in my head (must be an age thing :pensive:

A few at the time said Sunderland away was on an international weekend? Pretty sure that’s wrong and it’s Barnsley at home the week after that is affected.

Hope Barnsley away isn’t pulled, unless they have a few call-ups. Looking forward to welcoming them back to league one, in a funny sort of way, being a fan of the funny club. Where is Heck-its-in-me-bottom these days? Can’t have taken him this long to do his online universal credit application.

Nicked from Fifa website - -

March International week is 18th-26th March.

Sunderland away - 16th March
Barnsley @ home - 23rd March

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My 30th birthday is on 15th March, which should be followed up by Sunderland (a) :crossed_fingers: however should Any internationals scupper that, I cordially Invite you all to a weekend in Newcasfle for a celebration anyway!

It will be my 55th birthday on the 15th March, so plan to be there too.