Interview with Liam Bennett

Hi everyone. Our next episode is a long chat with Liam Bennett about a his career to date, the unusual way he signed for the club, his time at Walsall and his recall.

We also ask him about:

  • Flynn, and how he helped him develop
  • Moving away from home and how it helped him grow
  • Certain players, and who stayed after training to help him

That and a lot more in this bumper episode

Spotify link - Spotify

Apple Podcasts link - ‎Yellow Ribbon Podcast: Episode 9: Interview with Liam Bennett on Apple Podcasts


Really enjoyed listening to this episode but I’ve got to ask, what was the water in the background throughout? Was somebody in the bath or maybe next to a fish tank?! :bath:

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Haha, I wondered how long it would take someone to pick up on it! We believe it was a small water feature in Liam’s house


Thanks for letting me know about that.
I am getting on a bit, so I will make sure the loo is available when I listen …


Not listened yet… but lovin the pod. Defo filled a gap between onepod and the none existent EnS pod


Brilliant long interview well done lads on that. What a gent he sounds. Full of praise for everyone at the club. His Walsall experience will stay with him forever.

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Thanks mate, glad you are enjoying!

He was so generous with his time. I think he would have carried on answering questions all day!

Bodes well for the club that such a talented youngster speaks so highly of the players and staff that are here.


The lad has serious amounts of professionalism.

Can’t help but want him to do well.


Agree! Yes I was amazed by the comments he gave and the insights into the way Flynny, Hats and Sads treated him. Brilliant stuff.

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I thought this was the best one yet. Great listening.
Liam will go onto bigger and better things.
Cant wait for the next one


He also has incredible drive, and I think that along with the fact he has the right mentality means he is a future captain of whatever club he is at.

Already tried to lead by example at such a young age

Thanks mate! I think he is destined to move up the leagues.

Just listened to the podcast and definitely the best one yet.
He speaks with a lot of maturity for such a young age.
He will go on to play at a much higher level and deservedly so.
I look forward to the next one.

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He comes across very well. I really do hope he goes on to play at a high level. Would love him back here at some point during his career though.

My only issue with the interview is it felt like a bit of a job interview. Question. Answer. Awkward Silence. Question. Answer. Awkward Silence. Question. Answer. Awkward Silence. Would have preferred if it were more of a natural flowing conversation.

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Cheers Tom. We’ve found it tough with two hosts and a guest to try and keep it clean and not overlap.

Will see what we can do try and and make it smoother for when we have another guest on

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The more podcasts you do the better they will get anyway (Im not saying it was bad by the way. Really enjoyed it!). Look forward to more podcasts in the future!!

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There’s a couple of free tools available which can help with the post-production editing. You might have heard of Audacity, which has plugins available to remove silence from an audio track, change decibel output, and apply loads of other such effects. You may need to download the appropriate codecs to output certain file formats.

Audacity is, however, only free as in free-beer (look up Richard Stallman if you’re interested in what that means!) and there has been some controversy regarding their privacy policy.

The software still works a treat, but if this is a concern to you, you can also download the free-as-in-freedom alternative Tenacity, which is based on the same open-source code and functions in almost exactly the same way.


Appreciate that!

We are having a little break from the guests, but will be continuing with our regular pods.

We have a big guest in the pipeline that we are working hard to secure.

Please tell me it’s Andy Petterson :slight_smile: