Interview with WFC Foundation director Adam Davy

Today we bring you an interview with Adam Davy from the WFC Foundation.

Adam tells us about the incredible work that the Foundation do, the various schemes they offer and how Trivela have supported the work they do too.

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A really good listen, if there’s one episode everyone should hear it’s this one.
I was amazed how much good work the foundation team actually do.
The other important part of this particular podcast is that Trivela are true to their word.
They said they would reunite the club with the ground and open the old saddlers club up both of which they have done.
They also said they would build a relationship between the club and the town and again they are proving true to their word.
I’m a big fan of Trivela and also of these podcasts.
Well done both :+1:


Absolutely this.

Brilliant pod guys, and well done for opening my, and other peoples eyes regarding what Adam and his team do for the community, and more so for Walsall football club.

I didn’t, and most likely a lot more other people just don’t realise or appreciate how much is going on behind the scenes at our club, for the local community, but also our club.

A pod all ours fans should get to listen to.

Very well done all involved :clap:


I can only echo what other posters have said - an excellent podcast which shines a spotlight in a little known but very important part of the club. Numbers wise, the community team probably interacts with more people than the ‘Saturday afternoon playing’ side does, and it’s surprising to see that they have almost as big a team as the playing side (24 full time staff + nearly as many again volunteering.

Every bit as interesting and informative as the podcasts with former players, and it’s nice to give the unsung heroes at the club some credit.

Very proud to be a Saddlers after listening to that.


A really eye-opening podcast.
The Foundation does a tremendous amount of good work on and off the field. Hat’s off to Travel for their support and financial backing.
Well done Adam and his dedicated team, keep up the great work you’re doing for the club and the town.


I believe I remember Adam being around when I first fell in love with the club back in about 2003/2004, did the soccer schools every Saturday before a match, and where you could pay an extra pound or two to get into the home game afterwards - and since then I was hooked. Got to be a ball boy a few times as well, amazing experiences.

Himself, Mick Kearns and a few others were always so nice and helpful to little old 8 year old me and I remember doing those until I was too old to do them. I don’t think without those community staff that I would be a Walsall fan now - my grandad was a season ticket holder at Fellows Park and then the Bescot until he passed in 1999, but I was only 3 when he passed, so he wasn’t able to pass the “Saddler” onto me, I had to find it myself - and Miok Kearns, Adam and all the other staff helped me do that.

Forever grateful, and whenever I look at that door on the side of the family stand that goes into where we used to kick the astro-turf bits off our boots before and after playing on the Astro - I remember some of the most fun times I had as a young lad being on that astro turf pitch at the back.

Great podcast, thank you for doing this, and a big thank you to Adam Davy for having a part in helping me become a Saddler!


I listened to this. I’ve been a supporter since the late 80s and apart from snippets I was unaware this all went on. Maybe some of that is now living outside of the catchment area of the club and therefore not having a child in a Walsall school, but alot of it goes unreported. As i understand it all 92 clubs and some in the conference also have similar activities going on, it should be more widely promoted, it’s great work!

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Excellent listen. Another unsung hero at our club who has given several years of great service doing great stuff with the aid of some real good staff. There must be so many people at our club who do stuff that maybe goes widely unnoticed


Excellent interview thanks.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Adam a couple of times on work related matters and found him to be a top guy. Clearly loves what he does and seems to be a perfect fit for the club and the wide ranging role he has.

Interesting hearing in more depth about the work of the Foundation, its links to schools, people, businesses and public sector organisations.

Its a real asset to the town and one that Council and other key local organisations should seek to nurture and deepen their partnerships with.


Thanks all for the kind words about the episode

It was great to be able to shine a light on an area of the club that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and also to make us Saddlers proud of what they do!


Could the club consider something like this? Never know it could be worthwhile.