Interviews with Simon Hill and Adam Davy

In our latest episode, we spoke with stadium announcer Simon Hill, and caught up with WFC Foundation Director Adam Davy.

With Simon, we spoke about his career, how he got involved with Walsall, and what he wants to bring to his role. He also is honest about mistakes made, and tells us about being a Walsall fan from childhood.

Adam talks to us about the latest Annual Report from the Foundation, and their impressive £3.5million social value. We also discuss the Trivela foundation and their support for adults too.

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Another fine job guys and an interesting listen, keep up the good work.

Simon sounds so much into the NEW Walsall experience, and sounds genuinely excited about the changes, which is great as he is a genuine Walsall fan himself.

He’ll be involved with the new music for the ground, which has needed freshening up for a few years now and something new for the players to walk onto the pitch to, it’ll be interesting to see what he comes up with.

Nice to have someone trying to get the crowd going and creating a better atmosphere for the players, and long may it continue, keep up the good work Simon… but remember… read the room :wink: :laughing:

As for Adam, what can I say.
Firstly he must be an interviewers dream, ask a one sentence question and then sit back and let him get into full flow, what an absolute great guy and the work him and his team are doing, not just for this club of ours, but for the community too :clap: :clap:

Like the way our club appears to be moving.



Yeah can’t fault Simon tbh, had a few real not reading the room blunders as we know but a breath of fresh air down the bescot & my god it needs it.


Looking forward to this. I am a huge Simon Hill fan, they way he whips the audience up into a frenzy pre kick off with all the songs really is quite something, the spectators adore him and he has them eating out of the palm of his hand. If there is more of this sort of stuff coming from him for next season that’s a real positive step to the matchday experience and another reason for people to make their way to their allocated seats in good time for the kick off.

I’ll stick to my one extra pint in the pub, if you’ve seen one kick off you’ve seen them all :smiley:


Another excellent podcast from the lads. What an impressive chap Simon is. He’s doing cracking job on the mike. Hope it continues.

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Hope Mike didn’t mind, but please, no more details as to what was a ‘cracking job’ :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Appreciate all the comments and feedback

Both Simon and Adam are great for the club and it was a pleasure to be able to speak to both of them. Hopefully we can get them back on further down the line


100% haha

He is so passionate about what he does, it’s an absolute delight to interview him as you know he will give you gold

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Cheaper than the locker then?

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Most places outside of London are :rofl:

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I’m back in the UK on Thursday for a couple of weeks. I need to get my head around paying saft prices in the pub, as opposed to a fiver out here for a pint for me and a glass of wine for the missus.

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Oh dear did I spell mic incorrectly? Thanks for that.

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Here’s an idea for next season. Why not get the club to set up a pop up rice pudding stand and see how it goes. We got a bit of media coverage back in the day for the balti pies so why not be known as the only club that serves rice pudding !

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You might actually be on to something here.

I’d be a regular customer.

Well this is getting read out on one of the next episodes!

Not listened yet but I will be in the car next week on my travels! Keep up the great work :clap:

Top man

We also have an interview with a certain Zigor Aranalde coming out the next 2 Monday’s too


Simon! Listen to the people. The only song you need after a home win…

Dont Stop Believing dah dah dah