Below is an email the Independent Saddlers Supporters Association sent to the SLO this morning.

Dear Mr Whittaker,

I am writing on behalf of the Independent Saddlers Supporters Association Committee.

Our Committee would like it to be confirmed that Trivela has seen our request for a meeting. I wrote to you in March of this year, to pass an email on to Trivela requesting a meeting when they were next available. We received a response but it wasn’t signed off by anyone. If Trivela did indeed see the email then the next question would be, why do they not want to meet with us?

The explanation we received was as follows

“Walsall FC takes communication to all supporters very seriously indeed. It will continue to communicate directly with all supporters through established channels of programme notes, videos, fans’ forums and the WFC website. This is the most efficient way of communicating and on a practical level supporters are encouraged to communicate through the Supporter Liaison Officer. These are the established communications channels and it would be inefficient to open up any other channels.”

We weren’t asking to open up any other channels of communication or answer supporter’s questions. We were asking for a meeting to introduce ourselves as a group and talk about some of our achievements and plans for the future. Including our work in the local community, something that we believed Trivela was interested in. I still have the email if you would like to see it again.

Is it possible that Trivela has a preconceived idea about ISSA? That we are a group that asks difficult questions and demands honesty and transparency. Those could be seen as a negative without context but the truth is ISSA is all about its integrity. There is a combined total of over 400 years of dedicated and loyal support on our committee. Each individual is dedicated to doing their best for the Football Club they love, the members they represent and indeed any Walsall Supporter. ISSA is not the enemy of Walsall Football Club, quite the opposite. It was always our intention to have a good relationship with the Club.

I do wonder if Trivela knows about any of our work. When they walk around the stadium they know that ISSA raised the money for the Legends skins in the Community Hub, or that ISSA put together a working task force during the pandemic to do jobs around the stadium. Or if they know about the many donations that ISSA have made to Walsall Football Club, some of which the Club appear to have no record of now?

Do they know of any of the work ISSA has done in the local community? For example the free food vans for NHS workers at local health centres and hospitals during the pandemic, or the many local kids football teams that ISSA have donated the money for football kits and equipment. Not to mention the fantastic football facilities at the Railway Club which also benefits underprivileged children in the local community. Those are just a few examples, there are many more. Considering Trivela claims to have an interest in the local community, it is hard to understand why they have no interest in any of the above.

As I said earlier the meeting we requested in March of this year was not to put supporter’s questions forward. However, I can tell you we have many supporters contacting us with questions. Often stating that they haven’t received a response when going through the club’s communication channels or if they did get a response it didn’t answer their question. ISSA is the largest supporters group associated with Walsall Football Club. This didn’t happen by accident. It is because of the work we have done and the trust we have built with supporters. It is only natural some supporters will turn to us with their concerns.

We hear some heartbreaking stories about lifelong fans who have followed Walsall home and away for decades and are considering giving up on it. Or supporters telling us they can’t get their children to come to games any more. I can personally relate to this, I have two boys 11 and 13 years old. It is extremely difficult in this day and age to keep them interested when you can follow any top club on the television. All of their friends support Wolves or Villa, Manchester City or Liverpool, It is a constant battle and being completely honest, all they have ever seen in their time following Walsall is rubbish. We fight on to keep our children as Walsall supporters to continue in the footsteps of all the generations that went before us, after all, they are the future of our Club.

Here we are again with relegation from the Football League tapping us on the shoulder, it will be even harder to keep the kids coming back if we were to drop out of the Football League. There was a lot of goodwill for Trivela, but now more and more fans are contacting us regarding the silence during these worrying times and feeling more and more distanced from our owners. There are so many questions that supporters want answering but feel so disconnected from the Club and the owners, that they don’t know where else to turn. It may be that it is too late for words, action now needs to be taken. Considering the decline of our Football Club for many years now, our support is amazing and deserves better than this.

I have sent you this email, Mr Whittaker, as this is the preferred communication channel the Club wish us to use. We urge you to share it with Trivela.

Kind Regards,

Mark Cassell


Unfortunately he won’t be responding.

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His own integrity should see him immediately resign his position as slo

If he is the fan , he says he his then his own conscious Should. Be telling him he’s not representing his fellow fan at all and is. Just a puppet. Controlled by. Those. Within the ivory towers


Totally agree mate, the slo is dame Pomlett and Gambles little project, elected by them to serve them!! Whittaker is just another suit who gets a kick out of wearing a club tie and feeling important. Others on here have defended him citing he is a fan of many years ! Well if he is this long standing fan that we are told about his dignity and respect for fellow fans opinions and voices should be at the forefront of his role, if as it seems he is being controlled by his panto mates then he should hang his head in shame and do what any genuine Walsall fan would do and resign forthwith, oh yes he will, Oh No He Won’t.


I think it’s a real shame that it appears the relationship has broken down between our football club and ISSA.

Undoubtedly, ISSA have and are carrying out commendable and invaluable work in the community and have also contributed to projects that have directly benefitted Walsall FC. It appears to me that there are obvious crossovers between the work that ISSA do in the community and Trivela’s stated intentions of working in the community and there is potential for mutually shared projects.

I hope you don’t mind me making an observation. You have enclosed the following point in your email…

… and also asked the following question…

Then, a few posts further on, a member of the committee has posted…

It seems to me that at times, ISSA is perhaps not helping itself with regards to building bridges.


Great, when’s the one for the first few months of this season?

That’s my oen. personal oppinion. Posted under. My own. Account.

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That’s irrelevant to be fair. I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but if Whittaker came out tomorrow and said “I think fans are idiots and are completely overreacting, these are my personal views not Trivela” it wouldn’t matter.


Excellent letter mate :+1:

I agree with vitually everything @Blazing_Saddler said in the original post. As far as i can see ISSA has bent over backwards towards the club and for whatever reason club have cut off communication and therefore cut off links to ISSAs community work, which was supposed to be Trivella’s core thing. Smacks of naievity from Trivella who have clearly put far too much trust in the serial failures who have overseen the continuation of our decline for years. ISSA asked difficult questions when they needed to be asked. Pitiful from the club that they see that as a negative. Sadler’s already gone in my eyes and unless Trivella start to do something that demonstrates they know what they are doing then they will be following, not that would make a blind bit of difference obviously.

Happy days :upside_down_face: UTS


What we actually need is an email address for Trivela or even better for Ben Boycott,I don’t think Whittaker has been passing any criticism the fans have emailed to him. Boycott obviously wants to distance himself from those “horrid fans” and just wants to do one of his set piece speeches from time to time.

He isn’t a Walsall or Drogheda fan and never will be, he needs to be given a hard time next time he does one of his set piece speeches.

If it comes to it we need to join forces with disaffected Drogheda fans and find ways to publicly embarrass Trivela,if they’re getting a lot of bad publicity they won’t be able to add to their portfolio.

I might not reply to emails asking us to renew season tickets etc. works both ways.


It matters not that it’s posted under your own account. You cannot differentiate between your own personal opinion and your opinion when you’re wearing the hat of ISSA. To Trivela, they are one and the same.

I’m just saying that it may not help any bridge building.


The truth of the matter is, there shouldn’t be any bridges building needed In the first place , as Issa has done nothing other than try to help the Club

Pomlett.and. Whittaker. Both decided to alienate. Issa. When we would not. Lie to fans on their behalf and wanted there comments. Made in a meeting. Doctoring. Which we would not do

Since then. They have. Bern totally. Against Issa and everything it stands for. And. I make no apologies. For. Calling them out.
It’s a disgrace. How they view and treat the clubs fanbase.


We have been told the SLO email is now directly read by Whittaker and a member of Trivela.
Perhaps, and this is not to defend Whittaker as he has been pointless from day one, it is now not in his remit to answer questions pertaining to team performance etc.
Someone should be replying individually or with a statement


Great email, and one that deserves a response, as do many others.

Let’s hope something is out in the coming days. We’ve seen a million euros ploughed into Drogheda and what their fans are calling a fantastic signing in a forward last night.

Our January transfer window is approaching, I want to know what the plans are. I don’t need figures, I don’t want figures. Say what you can without it being batted away as ‘commercially sensitive’.

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I’m not party to all of the detail as to why the relationship appeared to break down and I don’t need to be.

As I’ve already wrote, I think its a shame that it has broken down as there are opportunities for synergy on projects that are of interest to both parties.

I also think perhaps more can be achieved by ISSA being a critical friend to the club. However, if there is even a chance to build bridges with them it will not be helped by respected members of ISSA openly criticising them at the same time.


As well as trying to build your own brand as well DH, I’m not saying you don’t do worthwhile community projects, but you probably make quite a bit of your income from selling WFC merchandise, so basically you’re biting the hand that feeds you.


Respect your opinion
And fully understand your point of view

But I will continue to criticise them when required just as I. will equally praise them as and when needed

They can’t. Just. Have Issa. For our Financial input To the club.

They. must also accept that first and foremost, the fan base of Wfc is. at the forefront of everything we do. And if this means we have to put a difficult questions to them then they to have to accept. We will do exactly that


I’m not sure what I am allowed to say regarding this but I can say there are things you probably don’t know. As far as I am aware the club has always received some money from ISSA shop sales, and even had a licensing agreement with us.

Beyond that I’m not prepared to comment.