Issa fun day

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref family fun-day held at railway club Sunday 26 th may.

The Committee of the independent saddlers supporters association. , would like to thank everyone for there help and support in making the day. The success it was ,

a fantastic day was had by all and it gives me great pleasure to inform you all that after all disbersments, have been taken care of. That we will have raised in excess of £1200. On the day, we are just awaiting a few final pledges. To come in. And once we have them. A final total will be released

The generosity of you the wfc. Family never ceases to amaze me., and again due you your efforts, our disabled fanbase, and a local. Junior. Grass roots level football team, will be helped , so each and everyone of you take a bow , your efforts. Are so very much apreciated

As for Issa this was our first official event, and again I can only say I have been blown away by the efforts of Walsall fans Who got behind this day from the off, and I’m sure anyone who attended , will confirm it was a cracking day

Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements during the close season Where we are hoping to plan. Something along the lines of a trip to a theme park for our junior members and there families during the school holidays, and for our. Older members, are there any of you who would be up for a trip to the races, whilst we await the return of the. Supper saddlers. To action
Leave your name in comments box if you would be up for such a trip

As for Sunday again a massive thank you to all concerned, far to many to name individualy, but as a group of people. You did. The name of wfc. And Issa. Proud

Many thanks for and behalf of the independent saddlers supporters association

Dave Olly. Beckett


That’s a great achievement, well done to all involved.


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Can I just say how good it is Dave to see you are getting back to yourself , and getting active on here again .

Looking forward to travelling with you and ISSA on our away trips next season , hope WFC and Dhforever come back even stronger next season.


Don’t kid urself he has ■■■■ all else to do while he is sitting in his pj’s and carpet slippers :rofl::wink:seriously though Dave welcome back mate :wink:

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Maybe you should join and at least come to a couple of away games mate ?

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Cheers pal and yes you must come on a few away days next year pal, there’s going to be a few shocks next year when the Dh geriatric hooligan element rock up , Lol

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Ya neva know :wink:

lmao it’s worrying though mate, because the body is 58 but the mind is 18 :rofl:

Mrs has warned me that I can only go to away games. If she is with me , Thing is she’s worse than me chunkster lol,
We are all getting older now pal, but I’ve never regretted one minuite of the time spent following Dh, made lifelong freinds along the way, had many a laugh, and witnessed things that. People would say you couldn’t make up, thinking of getting them all down in a book mate plenty of time on my hands now pal


lol ye my Mrs has got involved a couple of times at matches, the wolves at home one in particular when i was getting an ear bashing from the blue rinse brigade behind me after shouting a few obsenaties towards Sako after his goal celebration in front of the dugout :joy:,and yes we have seen some emmense times on and off the pitch over the years,and if you need any help with the book(i myself have thought of writing one about my time on the council) then i think @hullsaddler? has written one,see ya soon mucka :wink:

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I am not sure that @chunkster is wise to suggest me but if you do start to write, there are lots of sites that you can Google with advice to make sure that you don’t make basic formatting errors with your writing before you start e.g. indent of paragraphs etc. Without this it is easy to appear amateurish. I made the mistake of not do this initially.
Do have a go and see if it appeals to you. Even if you never get published you might find you enjoy the experience of writing it down. Remember the libel laws when mentioning our number one fan!
Good luck!
I am at final editing stage before hopefully self-publishing.


What is your book about @hullsaddler ?

Will Jerry The Berry be there??

A novel set mainly in Hull, London and France before, during, and shortly after the first world war. My characters’ surnames are all former saddlers’ players!


Sounds brilliant. Hope you got a few obscure ones in there …Sergeant Taundry ?

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Surprisingly he didn’t make the cut! The Walker and Buckley families did.
If I do ever get it out there I will post in slightly off topic. It’s a slow business.

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